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Trip Suggestions? (Las Vegas)

Coming to LV in October and was hoping to get help with my possible list of restaurants.
We're staying at the Four Seasons but were hoping to spend a more medium amount on dining out (150-300 for two).

So far I'm thinking Origin India when we get in (about 4pm) Wed.

and then since we won't be hungry till late possibly Raku. No car so we'll have to taxi.

Thurs: Brunch at Tableau
snack at Double Helix?
Dinner at DB before 9:30 Love show.

Friday: Brunch at Verandah
Early dinner at LOS before trek to U2 show.

Sat: Brunch at Hash House a Go Go

Snacks at Verandah

Dinner Fleur de Lys? or Alex (cheap menu) or?

We live in SF but have never been to Fleur and the one here has gone downhill by all accounts, so if that place is a miss let me know!

Thanks for your help!

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    1. Fleur has been a bit erratic for me. I've had a fantastic meal there and a couple less than fantastic meals.

      I'd go with Alex. It's undoubtedly one of the top venues in Vegas currently. Any menu you order there will be memorable with inventive food and exquisite service.

      I can't say anything negative about your proposed lineup. Tableau and Verandah are some of the best brunches in town. I've dined at Hash House in San Diego which I believe is quite similar. It's the ultimate in breakfast "comfort food". You won't likely need to eat again until dinner.

      Double Helix is a great wine bar with some pretty good food courtest of Emeril's Table 10. Works good for a light snack and glass of wine.

      LOS is one of the most notable (at least of this site) restaurants in Vegas. Great food, good service and surprisingly good wine list. Is it as good as this site would lead you to believe? Probably not. But still pretty darn good.

      Have a great trip!

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        Thanks Climberdoc, that's what I was wondering about.
        How would you rank Alex compared to L'Atelier?

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          Completely different experiences. Depends what your looking for.

          Alex is made or special occasions. I dine there on average once yearly. You pay the price there but in return you get inventive dishes, 5-star service all in the setting of a grand dining room. It's the type of venue where you really want to dress up for even though they don't really have an overly formal dress code. If you have the money for it, it's not to be missed.

          L'Atelier is a place I frequent a couple times a year. Less pricey than Alex and also much more formal. The setting is a "sushi bar" type format where you have the pleasure of watching your food being prepared. L'Atelier seems like an ideal place for "foodie" types like myself to have a less formal but top quality meal while dressed casually. Their seasonal tasting menu is fantastic and a great value.

          If I had one last dinner I'd choose Alex over L'Atelier, but both places deserve high praise.

          You may also consider Charlie Trotters, especially if you enjoy exquisitely prepared seafood.

      2. Make sure you get reservations for Raku if you decide to go. Unfortunately, my last visit to Vegas, I was unable to secure reservations for the time necessary and instead went to Sen of Japan.

        Fortunately, they were able to accommodate us. We'd been to Sen before for sushi, but this time opted to sit at a table for leisurely eating & nice conversation. We split the omakase, a couple more dishes (soft shell crab $19 and calamari w/baby pepper $11) and a large bottle of beer. All told, our bill was $120 for 2. And I have to say, their omakase ($55 for 3 cold dishes & 2 hot dishes) were upscale versions of what you might find @ Raku. While Raku is pretty darned good pub with a great selection of food, Sen might be an alternative if you can't get seated @ Raku. The only downside is that if you don't have a car, it might be a bit out of the way...even w/a taxi (it's in Summerlin).

        1. I think you have a good line up, but if you are interested in L'Atelier, I'd definitely give it a try here. I think it is excellent.

          On another point, are you sure you don't want to rent a car? I ask only because the U 2 concert (which we also have tix for) is a good ways off the strip and I am not sure that taxis are readily available at Sam Boyd. Also, candidly, it will open up a lot of dinner options if you have a car.

          Origin Inida is terrific, by the way, and Verandah is a great brunch spot, although Bouchon is also excellent for breakfast or brunch (although you may have been to Bouchon in Napa Valley if you are SF based)

          1. I liked but did not flip over Fleur. If you want a great steak, I love PRIME at the Bellagio. Though you have two very good steak places at the Mandalay Bay complex: Charlie Palmer Steak and Michael Mina Steak.

            Be sure to go to the top of theHotel, to the bar, Mix (not the restaurant) for a drink as the sun goes down. It is by far the best view in Vegas.

            1. Hi Neighbor!

              We're also planning a trip to LV, but at the beginning of October. Our plans are mostly centered around dinner (will be trying to be good for breakfast and lunch healthwise, then eat rich indulgent things in the evenings!) but I think we're doing the same type of Wednesday - Sunday itinerary you have.

              Our plans thus far are:

              Wednesday -- undecided, perhaps LOS or Origins India. Or we may get lazy and explore the resort (1st time at Palazzo)
              Thursday -- Joel Robuchon
              Friday -- Aureole at Mandalay Bay
              Saturday -- Rosemary's
              Sunday Brunch -- possibly Bouchon as a send-off present to ourselves

              For your itinerary I'd suggest Rosemary's -- sounds like a nice locals gem to us and the prices seemed to be in line with what we'd expect.

              I'll write when I get back and let you know!

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              1. re: stomsf

                If you go to Rosemary's Costco now has their gift certs available again. You get two $50 GC ($100 total) for $80: http://tinyurl.com/mkppjb =)

                1. re: OCAnn

                  Thanks Ann! We're already using the Restaurant.com coupons, so I don't think they'll allow combining both offers (though the thought was tempting!).

                  1. re: stomsf

                    I've actually been to Rosemary's and really liked it, but was trying to keep down the cab fares. My friend may join us for the concert and I'm thinking we may all rent a car for two of the nights and if so I can switch it up a bit.

                    L'Atelier sounds like the best bet as far as a higher end meal, has anyone enjoyed Fleur lately? My husband liked the menu on line for Fleur but I am leery since no one has given a positive response.

                    Thanks for all the help!

                    1. re: Missmoo

                      I really like Fleur de Lys. We went last year in August and had the chef's tasting menu. It concluded with a tour of the kitchen and the chef presented us each with a personalized copy of our menu. We were celebrating my husband's 40th and it was a really nice touch. Overall a great experience. We went again in May of this year and it did not disappoint. We ordered off the menu, but it was great. It is a nice intimate setting.

              2. I give a big vote to Alex. We have eaten there a number of times over the years (most recently in August) and have never had less than an extraordinary experience there. On our last visit we used the "Taste of Wynn" menu (lowered priced), and everything was fabulous. You won't be sorry.

                1. Fleur de Lys is very good and not too expensive compared to a lof of Vegas restaurants. Olives at Bellagio has always been one of my favorites for lunch or dinner.

                  1. Missmoo - if you're trying to keep the taxi costs down you may want to re-think Hash house a go go - not as far as rosemary's but close. My guess from Four Seasons - at least $40 round trip. If you do go, i doubt you'll need snacks at the Verandah in the afternoon. Trying to think of a brunch alternative - how about Bouchon ? Mon ami gabi ?

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                    1. re: kjs

                      Thanks kjs,

                      I've actually decided to pass on Hash House and that helps seal the deal. Right now the itinerary is:

                      Origin India after arriving (so around 4:30) and then maybe have some drinks at Mix. Don't know if we'll need to eat later.

                      Verandah for breakfast
                      then snacks
                      then Fleur de Lys for dinner before Love

                      Verandah for lite breakfast
                      Los for early lunch
                      Raku for late dinner

                      Tableu for brunch
                      and now I'm torn between
                      L'atelier and Bolud for our final meal

                      Alex and all the others sound great, but because I know we like wine and I would prefer to keep it under 400 for the two of us, I just don't think we can do it.

                      Any thoughts?

                        1. re: Missmoo

                          Sounds like a great lineup!

                          With the Taste of Wynn you can get out of Alex for under $400 with wine. The 3-course meal with an amuse is now $89pp. This would leave you just under $200 for wine. There are multiple good selections on that wine list you could go with in that range. I think Alex is a step up in quality on all levels from both DB and L'Atelier.

                          1. re: climberdoc

                            Thanks Climberdoc, sorry about the bumps, I really appreciate the input!

                    2. Just wanted to get back to everyone with my trip report.

                      We started at Origin India and while I was happy with the food (especially the chicken wings)
                      I found the service lacking. Everyone was very nice, but for the price point it seemed strange that the server was not able to tell us that they were out of the wine and beer that we ordered. Basically my husband ordered a beer and the guy brought the wrong one, my husband didn't realize it until after but it was fine because he had been interested in that one. Then he ordered the third beer he was interested and after a five minute search the server came back and said they were out of it, so my husband reordered the original beer and again five minute search and then came back to say they were out of it. This also happened with my second wine selection. Again, they were very nice, but there's something missing when the waiter doesn't know what they have on hand three times (once would not have bothered me). Also, when we asked for the bill he had charged us for the original beer which was more expensive and had not applied the discount coupon, nor added my second wine. We pointed all of this out and they fixed the bill. Since the coupon automatically added a tip we didn't add anything else. It would have been a very nice meal except for that people were attentive it just seemed there was a system missing.

                      Verandah: We ended up eating here every breakfast after realizing how far away we were from the rest of the strip. It was excellent, service, atmosphere, coffee. A great way to start the day. I was so happy with the sausage and eggs that I didn't venture over and try the huevos that everyone talks about. My husband really liked the hash.

                      Fleur de Lys: We had a coupon so we went for the middle priced tasting menu and were very happy. We started with a glass of champagne and unfortunately I can't tell you anything else except that we loved every course that we had. Service was very good with a little too much eagerness with the clearing of the plates. Meaning, they would try to take the plate just as I was leaning over to talk to my husband or the moment his fork was rested on the dish. They also forgot to apply the coupon (what is it with those coupons!). But, when we commented on the wall of roses they very nicely gave me one.

                      LoS: Loved it, loved it, loved it! The Duck Panang was our favorite dish on the trip! Amazing, the crispy skin and the creamy curry sauce. The only dish we weren't as fond of was the beef Issan (I think that's what it's called) It's a beef jerky that was just too tough for either of us, however the flavor was very good. We also liked that when we asked for an eight they obviously gave us a true 8 in spice. The papaya salad and the green chili dip were both bringing the heat. I will rent a car just to go here next time I am in LV.

                      Raku: We went after the U2 concert and were admittedly tired. The food was interesting but there was such a feeling of us being strangers who had stepped into a locals place that we felt a bit uncomfortable. I think the main problem was that it was a new kind of restaurant to us and while the woman who served us was adorable and helpful, I didn't feel like I had figured out how to order by the time we left. On the other hand I would go back again when in LV just to try and figure it out. We had an amazing grilled halibut and while we found the special tofu interesting we probably wouldn't get it again. The grilled asparagus was delicious, and that cheesecake! I really felt the food deserved all the raves it gets. And the people are very nice, as I said I think we were both really tired.

                      Lupo: We were going to go to Sinatra but couldn't fathom taking a taxi all the way back down the strip. So we went to Lupo in Mandalay Bay. It was good, but not as exciting as the other food we had had.

                      Thanks again for all your help!

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                      1. re: Missmoo

                        Thank you for posting about your experience!

                        Did you get to eat at Alex or Boulud? We are going to Vegas this weekend for our wedding anniversary and considering those two places for dinner.


                        1. re: hungrylonghorn

                          Unfortunately, we didn't but based on what people say on here I would go to Alex next time.