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Sep 17, 2009 10:53 AM

Purveyors of great vinegar

Besides and, who are the reliable online and local LA vinegar purveyors? I've bought too many bad bottles at Whole Foods and even to keep trying people out.


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  1. Surfa's has a pretty good selection.

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    1. re: Bob Brooks

      Yes, Surfas by all means. for the list, although it is not the most user-friendly website you will ever encounter. You will have to scroll, and scroll, and...
      Or just go into the store at National and Washington, have lunch if timing is appropriate, and enjoy the luxuries of one-stop high-end shopping.
      But bring your plastic!

      1. re: carter

        If you are looking for Vilux, which is a very good French vinegar for every day use, Bay Cities in Santa Monica has a much better selection. Surfas only has little bottles and a gallon size, and even in those sizes, the flavor selection is limited.

        1. re: Paliman

          While not the original poster, my own personal preference is the smaller size bottle, since I not only do not use any particular vinegar every day, but I also change which variety I use, depending on the mood or creation of the moment, and thus prefer that size.
          The only vinegar I buy in the large size is the standard, vat size, to make sure that the cut ends of artichokes do not change color, and that is the standard Heinz variety cidar vinegar, available at S&F very cheaply, yet for different needs than OP asked about.

          1. re: Paliman

            I'm not a fan of Vilux. I find their vinegars to have a very diluted taste to them. I really miss the homemade vinegar my aunt gave me while I was in France. Oddly enough, the closest thing I've found is Trader Joe's red wine vinegar. Too bad that bottle is just so small!



        Expensive to start with, and it's sent from Vienna, but their vinegars are magnificent.

        1. The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills carries Vilux and Gegenbauer and others.

          1. Try Monsieur Marcel in the Farmer's Market, The Cheese Store of Silverlake and, of course, Surfas.

            1. Don't go to surfas, bay cities, or m. marcel unless you don't need money. Wait until the next public sale at Epicure. 1 gallon jugs of Sparrow Lane are under $20. I saw 6oz bottles of the stuff at santa monica seafood for like $10!

              Sparrow lane vinegar is really, really good. And it made me realize how much of a sucker I had been.

              If nothing else, the vinegar alone keeps me going back to epicure.

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              1. re: posh

                Thanks for the tip on Epicure... I just read a Yelp review on the public sale days and it sounds like a lot of fun--cheese and pate sampling, gourmet wines, etc. And if I can buy a whole gallon of vinegar, that will make me happy for pretty much the whole year! I'll have to give them a call and see when their next sale will be.


                1. re: posh

                  Gayot is reporting Epicure's next open warehouse sale is Sept. 25-26. So this is a very timely post by posh.

                  Epicure Imports
                  6900 Beck
                  No. Hollywood