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Sep 17, 2009 09:58 AM

Question about food in a bag

When I was in China, I noticed places selling peking duck in a bag. They're vacuum packed. Are these any good? There were other things sold in bags (at the Xian airport I saw 5 spice dog meat in a bag).

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  1. don't ever blow your money on any of these meat in a bag things. they taste almost always chemically preserved and stale. It's a tourist trap for Chinese nationals and foreigners alike. for the money you are paying you can get something much better. just look elsewhere if you are hungry.

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      I did buy dogmeat in a bag in Xi'an airport. Opened it up and tried it today. It was one big clump of processed meat, smells kind of like Spam. Not bad but certainly nothing special. I think I paid 25 yuan for it.

    2. it depends on what you get. I've had the duck in the bag before and while it couldn't match a peking duck deal, it wasn't all that bad, though extremely salty.