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Sep 17, 2009 09:46 AM

Spaghetti Alla Ricchi in Rome

A few years ago, my wife and stumbled into a little trattoria in Palermo, Sicily and enjoyed super spaghetti all ricchi ( sea urchin). We would love to try the same in Rome. Any help will be appreciated.

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  1. spaghetti ai ricci, not ricchi. You would have to go to a pretty high-end seafood restaurant, and there's a season for ricci, which I think is the cooler months. I know I had them in November a couple of years ago. It's a hard dish to plan for -- not very common.

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      Tuna on Via Veneto has spaghetti ai ricci on its menu, but 1. Tuna is not a little trattoria; 2. I have no idea when sea urchins are in season in the Mediterranean (I've had them in early summer in Sicily and Greece).

    2. Though I think they are edible year-round, one specific type that is "harvested" in Sardinia has season only from Nov 1st to March 30th. That said, I had spaghetti ai ricci at Roscioli at the end of August, it was a special and it was very good.

      1. Thaks to all. Now I know that it is spelled "Ricci"!

        What do sushi bars in Rome do for uni? :-)

        Chowhound rocks!