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Sep 17, 2009 09:15 AM

Gluten-Free Baltimore

I recently was diagnosed with a gluten intolerance and the foodie that I am went into a deep dark depression as the thought of never being able to eat bread, pasta or drink a beer ever again! With some investigation, the Foodie in me is excited for the new challenge! I thought I would post this to share what Gluten Free places I've found in Baltimore and hopefully have others share their GF experiences!

(Stop snubbing your nose to "chains")
Chipotle-The staff at every Chipotle I've been to walked me through their offerings and explained which items were GF and which were not. Immediately, they scrubbed their hands as if they were going into an operating room, put on non-latex gloves and made my meal. They are very gluten conscious.

Austin Grill-Yes another Mexican place. Mexican restaurants are naturally going to have more GF offerings due to the use of corn tortillas. I went to Austin Grill over the weekend and when I was ordering asked if they could make a quesadilla with corn tortilla instead of flour. The server picked up on my concern and asked if I had an allergy to wheat. She brought over a full GF menu! The chef came out and alerted me there might be some wheat contamination as the pans/cooking surfaces also touch wheat products. He ensured me he would try and be as careful as possible. I appreciated the extra effort and didn't have a reaction at all.

Uno-Pizza...oh I've missed you! Smack dab under their Thin Crust offerings are GF pizza options. It's no Matthew's deep dish, but it'll work.

Max's: They have a dozen or so GF beers! Their Belgian Beer Fest will never be the same again, but it's nice to know I have options.

Pizzazz Tuscan Grill: Hello GF sandwich bread! You can substitute any of their sandwich breads for a GF bread and it's actually pretty tasty. I also saw they offer a cornmeal pizza crust option, not 100% its GF, but chances are it is.

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  1. My girlfriend is gluten-free and I do all the cooking. Giant, Whole Foods, and Wegmans all have great gluten-free aisles.

    As far as restaurants with actual gluten-free menus....

    Baba's Mediterranean Grill (no pita bread of course)
    Lebanese Taverna
    Sweet Sin Bakery - desserts and bread
    Kali's Court Mezze - more than half of their plates are gluten-free

    There are a bunch more but I can't think right now. The website below should be very helpful.

    1. I just drove by a new retail bakery, and once inside I realized it is entirely gluten free. Its called Sweet Sin. Their retail shop is on 27th st, just east of Howard.

      The GBTC told me they are a local bakery, who also supplies Whole Foods.

      I had a chocolate pumpkin cupcake. I have no basis to judge the gluten free taste but can say that thank goodness I am gluten tolerant.

      EDIT: Ooops, I noticed the aboveTheWaves mentioned Sweet Sin above. At least this is worth mentioning that they have a new shop in the Charles Village area.

      1. I know it's not near Baltimore, but I just thought I'd mention this cafe I went to near NIH in Bethesda:

        It seemed to have a nice selection. I remember one of the cashiers told me the owner was a celiac.

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          There is also a great restaurant in Bethesda called Visions that has a very nice glute-free menu.