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Sep 17, 2009 08:45 AM

Kitchenaid Pasta roller attachment troubleshooting

I recently got myself a present of a 5 qt KA tilt mixer. My FIL had a lightly used pasta roller attachment that he gave me. When I tried using it it had a terrible squeal, like the rollers were binding against something. Anyone ever run into something like this? Any thoughts for quick fix?

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  1. No - but use some vegetable oil on the 'bearings' and ensure the rollers are not in contact. Pretty useless advice as I am sure you have already done this.

    1. Hey, I just took my roller apart and cleaned everything (pipe cleaners, paper towels, mild cleaner) and then greased up the main roller) and put everything back together. The only tricky thing is the screw behind the size-adjuster knob. Way cheaper than sending it out to an appliance repair store.

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        Were you able to remove the "tricky" knob? I'm trying to oil my device, but the only part I need to fully remove is the size-adjuster knob. Did you get it off? It looks attached in your photo.

      2. I have taken my roller apart just fine, but I cannot get it back together. Does anyone have tips for doing this? Every time I get all the parts lined up, one or more of them slips out of place before I can tighten the screws!