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Sep 17, 2009 08:44 AM

Bistro Praha Edmonton

Going to be in downtown Edmonton this weekend, thought I would try Praha, but I've noticed references to a fire on the block. Is it open?


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  1. No it is not.

    That whole block is ...pardon the pun..."toast". Le Table de Renoir closed prior to the fire but the Lebanese spot at corner, Nikita's and the Bistro have not reopened.

    A poster in one of the front windows indicates that they, Milan and co., will be reopening next year in one of the towers that I think is going up on 104 St, just north of Jasper.

    When I go for lunch I'll pay a little closer attention but it certainly is not open right now.

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    1. re: Bob Mac

      as a follow-up to my earlier post, the sign says opening Spring 2010 at the ICON Tower II on 104th Street

      1. re: Bob Mac

        Thanks Bob.

        Any suggestions for restaurants similar in ambiance, price, locale?

        1. re: Scary Bill

          Sorry Bill - off hand no.

          Is Cafe Select still in operation on 6th Street south of Jasper? It has been years since I was last there and it does not really fit your criteria.

          Most of the euro styled cafes that I tried apart from the Bistro were on or just off Whyte but many have changed names and ownership if they still exist.

          1. re: Bob Mac

            How about Milan's just off Whyte Ave and 104 Street? It's Czech food run by Milan himself. Im not sure if it's still open (it may have changed names to something else..i looked during fringe but my aged memory is fading fast), but that would be a close alternative to Bistro Praha wouldnt it?

            1. re: yen


              Milan's was one of the spots I was trying to recollect but so much has changed around that area.

              I think Milan formerly worked at the Bistro before opening his spot.

              Continental Treat was another, etc. etc.

              I guess I have to get out more often in my own town except for lunch and west edmonton fast food like Cactus Club, Earl's and the like as I think I have eaten better of late in Calgary than here at home....losing track of new developments

            2. re: Bob Mac

              Cafe Select on 6th is still going strong, still the best mussells and steak tartare ever,and on weekends open till 2 am.

                1. re: foodiesnorth

                  wasn't it replaced by something similar though? the name is escaping me. I went once, they had decent food. A little more put like, but still with a European flare. They had an amazing humus, that you muddled at the table to your liking.