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Sep 17, 2009 08:41 AM

Cipriani Dolci for lunch on Saturday or somewhere else (near Grand Central)

Hi, we are deciding between Cipriani Dolci (inside the Grand Central Terminal) for lunch on Saturday or somewhere else.

Any recommendations?

Location to be between Grand Central Terminal or NY Public Library.

Somewhere where not too 'stuffy' .... we enjoy people watching with perhaps a glass of wine and a simple lunch for 2 of us.

Inside or outdoor patio is fine.


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  1. cipriani is a great spot for people watching at the food is good.
    YOu can also sit in bryant park at the bryant park grille

    1. If it is *this* Saturday be warned that Fashion Week is going on so Bryant Park may be quite overrun on Saturday. Even if the shows are over, there will likely be packing up going on.

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      1. re: iluvcookies

        Fashion Week ended yesterday.
        What about La Fonda del Sol? I personally think that Cipriani is a rip off. Their prices are outrageous.

      2. bryant park grille can be nice. food is good not amazing but a nice setting. pera is a good choice. haven't been to la fonda del sol but i hear good things. madison and vine could work as well.

        1. I love sitting at Cipriani, you have to order a bellini!