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Gran Gusto

Going tonight for first time. Besides the pizza, is there anything else on the menu NOT to be missed?

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  1. Pizza is my favorite thing there, especially the margherita. Other worthwhile dishes: tagliere (cold cuts), one of the fresh pastas, maybe the house-made spaghetti with baby squid.


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      Had gnocchi there the other day. It may only be on the lunch menu, but wouldn't hurt to ask. A little over-sauced, but the gnocchi themselves were excellent, light and just the right amount of chewiness, I thought.

    2. beef carpaccio
      asparagus and gorgonzola risotto
      potato gnocchi

      1. I went to lunch there the other day and if you like calamari I would definitely recommend the grilled calamari on top of arugula, really nice grill flavor and quite a lot of calamari with a light dressing. I wasn't that impressed by the tagliere dish as far as they go but it was fine. My one complaint about this place was that our waiter really didn't know his stuff and seemed uncomfortable the whole time, he also forgot to bring me what I asked to wrap up to go. He was very nice though, just took some of the authentic feel out of the meal. I didn't get the pizza though and will definitely be going back for that, the stuff coming out of the oven looked great!

        1. The calamari is great, as is the pasta with sausage and mushrooms. Anything with truffles, of course.

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            Throwing in my tertiary recommendation for the calamari. If I could find them and make that...

            Gran Gusto
            90 Sherman St, Cambridge, MA 02140

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              Truffle pizza or Truffle pasta is a must!! Ask them which dish or pizza goes well with truffles. Or you can add Truffles on any dish if you wish. The homemade pasta dish with shrimp is perfect. Very light and cooked "al dente"

              Anyone know where else restaurants serve truffle dishes at a reasonable price?

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                Any minute now someone will post a Truffle thread. Last year's weren't so great ... I am keeping fingers crossed for this year.

                A few past contenders:
                Grotto / Marliave
                Gran Gusto
                TWFood (?)

            2. The rigatoni with mushrooms, sausage, garlic and oil is fantastic. Second only to the awesome pizzas in my book...

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                Seconding TomH's recommendation... I love this dish!

              2. Yes, the pizza, especially the margherita. Yes, the calamari.

                If they have any fresh cheese special (they often have freshly imported burrata or stracciatella), definitely get it. Either is terrific served with their thinly sliced speck.

                Any of their homemade pasta tends to be very good, but I'm especially a fan of the scialatelli, a hand-cut long pasta, essentially a square spaghetti. Nothing fancy, but I find it to be a perfect, toothy complement to their more rustic Southern Italian pasta specials.

                1. Followed much of the chowhound advise and had a great meal. We were greeted by a charming Italian waiter who was quick to steer us in the right direction menu wise when we chose the wrong thing. He wanted our first experience there to be a good one. For aps we got the grilled calamari and the Margherita pizza. The calamari was in a light lemon sauce over sauteed mushrooms. Rings were tender and tendrills crispy. Nice grilled flavor. A good portion but was devoured in minutes by the 4 of us. The pizza was great and made me yearn to go back and try others very soon. My DC's heeded advise and ordered pasta dishes, Seafood ravioli special, Rigatoni w mushrooms and sausage and handmade pasta w shrimp and ridiccio. I ordered the grilled salmon. Chancey I know but it was a winner!!! Perfectly grilled w a nice crust and a smooth velvety texture inside. Served w broccoli in a VERY light, flavorful lemon sauce. Truely delicious. All seemed happy w their meals but I think I was the only one that raved about it to the waiter. He was off to tell the chef ;). We had no dessert but the coffee and cappachino was good. Little biscotti served w the cappachino was nice. Service was excellent w ample time between courses. Noise level was low and we were easily able to converse w each other. A great evening. This is one place I'm sure to return.

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                    The ricotta cheesecake is really delicious as well, if you return and save some room for dessert.