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Sep 17, 2009 08:11 AM

Peking Duck for solo diner in Beijing

HI all.

I am going to be travelling through Beijing in a couple of weeks. I will be travelling alone and only have one night and I'd like to get (of course) Peking Duck. Can anyone recommend a good spot where it can be served for one or, failing that, where I can gorge myself on a larger serving without being out of place?

I am staying at the Hilton near the Forbidden City and I also have time for lunch the following day before heading to the airport for my connecting flight, so feel free to make lunch recs as well. I can easily eat Peking Duck twice, if there are no other recs.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. This is a great question. I'm interested to hear what other people have to say, but will put in my two-cents. You can get served, that's not a problem though they may not be super nice about it, but you're not likely to get half a duck. Meaning, you'll still order like you are more than one person.

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      I don't mind ordering a whole duck and just eating what I can. What I am hoping though is that I can find a place with really great duck that won't mind serving the whole duck to a solo diner.

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        Many duck restaurants (I'm pretty sure including Da Dong) allow you to order half a duck, that and a vegetable dish should be more than enough for a lunch.

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          Datong will definitely serve 1/2 duck and you should call ahead for reservations. Their bamboo shoots go nicely with the duck for one person.

          22 Dongsishitiao, Dongcheng District
          +86 10 51690328/9

          Alternative is the chinese restaurant (Made in China) at the Grand Hyatt which also serves good peking duck but I can't remember if they do half portions (I usually have the whole duck even if I'm dining alone on business trips...)


      2. As far as Duck restaurant goes, Da Dong is actually decent. as others have said, if you call ahead, you can probably get half a duck.
        another recommendation would be Tiandi Yijia. The place is right outside the walls of forbidden city, east side of the tiananmen. The places serves some fantastic food on a fine dining level. considering the environment and quality of production, I will be heart pressed to see anyone find a better place to eat.

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          Not a fan of Tiandi Yijia, its overpriced and the food is very hit or miss, the duck definitely isn't worth ordering there.

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            I don't know. The last time I had duck there, it was fantastic. I do agree that sometimes the kitchen may not be completely consistent, but overall they do quite well. This impression could have to do with the fact the staff there know me quite well.

        2. We were in Beijing last month.

          I agree Da Dong is the #1 place for duck. We tried many of their modern fancy items and found them forgettable. I think they went to Fat Duck and got inspired.

          Made in China's duck was not that great although the atmosphere was excellent. Kung Pao Chicken is great there.

          Quan Jude in North-Sanhuan Haidian District is one of the newer company owned outposts and was good, but few will venture out this far. It is closer to the Summer Palace.

          I've never seen Taiwan Hotel Imperial Restaurant in Wangfujing mentioned here. It serves up some pretty darn good Imperial cuisine at a reasonable price. About $50 for the cheapest 9 course dinner. Shark's fin there was superb. Private rooms, so 1 person could dine like Royalty!

          You can check out a bunch of pictures here:

          1. I ended up at Da Dong for dinner and at the Wangfujiang snack street for a quick lunch before my flight. The lunch was some kebabs, something rolled in a pancake and soem veggie dumplings (from the street to the west of the snack street). All were good but not necessarily a destination.

            The duck at Da Dong was great, though. They gave me a half duck and I ordered some sauteed asparagus as well. The duck was perfectly prepared and beautifully presented, and I really enjoyed slowly savoring every bite. I especially enjoyed the crisp skin dipped in sugar. It was the perfect way to spend my one jet lagged evening in Beijing.

            1. If you are looking for a true Chow experience, I'd recommend the Golden Lily (Jin Bai He), on Gongti Nanlu, opposite the north gate of the Chaoyang Hospital. They will serve a half-duck if you like, and it is a very homey place--no pretense at all. A full duck is only RMB 88, and it's easily one of the better ducks I have had in Beijing (where I live). Also, never an issue of waiting to get in, and they serve the duck with excellent seasonings, including a garlic mash and crisp apple strips--this is the only place I have seen this, but it really suits the duck very well.

              Dadong is also a good choice, but it's a bit touristy and overdone to my taste.