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Sep 17, 2009 07:51 AM

I-95 help - Delaware to Orlando

My husband and I are driving down to Florida next week (leaving this Sunday and back next Sunday). I know this is a big range, but I'd love some advice as to where we can stop for lunch/ dinner/ snacks that isn't too far off 95.

I'd rather not end up eating at rest stops the whole time. We don't have much of an itinerary planned (besides a few days near Charlotte with friends on the way down) so anywhere you all recommend will go on a list of addresses to refernce when we feel like we need to stop.

Plus, since we are going down for my husband to play in a softball tournament, I'd probably be able to talk him into anything I want as payback for going along. :)


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  1. One of my favorites is a mile off I95 at the Rowland exit (exit #1) in NC, right on the NC SC border. Go into Rowland, turn left at the carwash. It's the Pink House Restaurant. It's a nice buffet, run by a nice family.

    1. I'm sure you will see a lot of Waffle Houses on the way down, but I prefer the Huddle House chain myself. In Lumberton, South Carolina, there are a number of eateries......I usually stop at the Cracker Barrel..... chain food is reliable and predictable for me whenever I travel.

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        A much better option in Lumberton is Fuller's BBQ. Its right off I-95, and despite its name, bbq is not the main event. It features a very large buffet of southern cooking...several meats, lots of veggies, bbq (which isn't anything great), seafood, desserts, etc. Its not the place if you're looking for something light, but overall the food is great.

        If you're looking for some good bbq, Sweatman's in Holly Hill, SC isn't too far off I-95 (20 - 30 minutes maybe?) Well worth the detour, but its only open limited days and hours (Thursday, Friday, Saturday, I think) so check it out before you make the detour.

        Also, this is a very frequently discussed topic, so a search will produce lots of suggestions.

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          Thanks! I looked through the first few pages, and didn't see much, but I found some posts from farther back.

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            McCabe's in Manning, SC, not too far of I-95 at all, is another one of the "SC Triumverate" for BBQ, except they use a pepper/vinegar sauce like Eastern NC does instead of mustard.

        2. This is one of the most-asked questions on the Southern board. Comes up about every two weeks. Please do a search. Because if you end up eating at a chain or rest stop along any stretch of I-95, you haven't done your research. There is no point along I-95 through VA, NC, SC, or GA where you are more than 30 miles up or down the interstate from at least one really good locally-owned place.

          1. The old good food for guilt trick. Hmmm, those pesky paybacks! Well Stephiehun, I always recommend two places that are not too far down Rt. 460 just south of Petersburg, VA off of I-95. (Take 460 towards Norfolk) From either place you can easily cut back over to I-95. The first one that you will come to is Cowlings BBQ on the left just past Waverly, VA. Very good BBQ, and very reasonable. The second is The Virginia Diner in Wakefield, VA. It is a very old classic southern style restaurant. It has become a bit touristy due to its fame, but they still serve the old style southern food. They are also famous for their peanuts. They make a peanut pie similar to a pecan pie that is awesome. You could always pick up BBQ sandwiches to go, and keep them in a cooler. Then eat at the VA Diner. My family likes both places. Enjoy!

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              Peanut pie? That sounds right up our alley!

              I just looked at their website and realized that I love their peanuts! We get them all the time from a vendor here at work. I will also recommend the chocolate covered peanut brittle that a friend sent me for Christmas last year.

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                Yeah, part of the restaurant is a small store where you can buy many different flavors of their peanuts. If you want to taste some different sounthern cooking, then one of you should order spoon bread instead of biscuits with your meal. Get different side dishes as well; I really like their stewed tomatoes. Their fried chicken is good, but you'll need to add some salt. They cook it a little bland for the older folks diets. If you happen to be going through there on a Sunday, they are famous for their Sunday buffet in which you can try everything. (even if you don't see something out on the buffet, they'll usually bring it out to you if you ask for it)

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                  I forgot to tell you about HUBS peanuts in Sedley, VA. My father used to bring them home from a vendor at Christmas time. You could not find them any other way back then. You can now purchase them, and order them online. They are jumbo VA peanuts that are awesome. You should order some of those if you like VA Diner peanuts.

              2. Here's a link to a recent thread I posted..


                We stopped at Allman's BBQ in Fredericksburg..just a few miles off 95. I enjoyed the slaw, ribs, and chopped pork..found the sauce a little sweet but that's just my taste. My mother liked it.

                Hit the Stoney Creek Tastee Hut in VA...fried chix, mac n cheese and hush puppies...visible from the Hwy. Exit #31

                I'll post pics on my thread when I get back home.

                We headed to the coast after that and couldn't make any f the other recs in NC or SC.