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Sep 17, 2009 07:01 AM

Any Recent Experiences with Sintra in Braintree?

From the New England Board:

I see some very positive reviews on Sintra in Braintree, but nothing recently. Even their home page displays their accolades, but nothing since 2007. I would love to know if anyone has had any experiences (good or bad) in recent months.

I live on the South Shore and am celebrating my birthday in a couple of weeks. I would typically go to Boston to celebrate, but being 8 months pregnant I would rather stick close to home. Some of our favorites in the area are Scarlet Oak, Solstice, and Square Cafe, but I'd like to try something new. Any other suggestions are welcome.

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  1. My wife and I went a couple of times in the laste spring / early summer, and it was good as always. I had their outstanding short ribs dish (wrapped in canollini (sp?)), as well as a tasty, slow-roasted swordfish that I believe was a special. My wife likes a very simple pasta dish they do with shrimp. The one thing I was not crazy about during our last visit was the crab they were not of the lump crab variety. But I do like their oysters and the clams casino.

    Given your other favorites, I would definitely recommend adding Sintra to the south shore rotation.

    1. Sintra is good but I don't think they have the level of polish that Solstice and Square have in terms of food, service or decor. The food has been mostly good to really good with a few misses the times I've been. I think Mediterranean inspired fish dishes are the best choices, although I had a nice braised lamb shank last time I was there which admittedly was almost a year ago. It may not make a difference to you but they are beer and wine only. Parking can be difficult.

      I would put it above Scarlet Oak, but I still don't get the attraction of that place.

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        I don't expect it to be as good as either Solstice or Square Cafe, but that's okay. I agree that I'm not impressed with the restaurant side of Scarlet Oak. However we enjoy sitting on the bar side for $1 Oyster Night and Martinis. The pizzas and steak frites are also wonderful.

        Thanks for the heads up about parking and beer and wine only.

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          I should try the pizza. The bar can be difficult to find a seat sometimes. When's Oyster Night?

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            Tuesday's are $1 Oyster Night and I recently found out (by accident) that on Wednesday's they have 1/2 price pizza's at the bar.

          2. re: MyrnEats

            My wife and I always enjoy sitting at one of the hightops for two at the bar in Scarlet Oak. You can't beat their bread baseket and steak frites. I too am not a fan of sitting in the restaurant side.

        2. Dined at Sintra this evening -- it's still the place to go when in Braintree. Started with the chorizo flatbread pizza, but substituted parmesan for the mozzarella -- makes for a much lighter appetizer. For an entree, I chose the sweet potato ravioli with bacon and sage butter -- I really liked it, but could have easily been satisfied with the appetizer version (entree was $20, appetizer was either $10 or $11). Finished with the warm blueberry cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream and a cup of coffee -- nice way to ease into a chilly evening. I wouldn't say that the service is less polished than Solstice or Square Cafe -- more that its less pretentious. I haven't had an issue with parking either -- there is a lot behind the restaurant for the businesses in that strip, as well as a municipal lot across the street (behind J.J. Mulligan's).

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          1. re: beb31

            I absolutely love Sintra.

            You simply can't go wrong with anything there. The service is always excellent. The wine choices are always interesting and I've never been less than completely satisfied with the food.

            Parking is available in a lot right behind the restaurant...never had an issue with that.

            The prices are very reasonable and I recommend this all the time to colleagues in my office that live in the area.

            1. re: Frank Enbean

              I feel like I should explain myself. My intention was not to slight Sintra with my comments. I was trying to compare/contrast Sintra with the 3 other places the OP has been, and offer two words of advice should she decide to go (which I encourage). If you dine at Sintra on say a Thursday or Friday night at an early time there can be a parking issue. You can get lucky and find street parking right in front, the front door was not the entrance early on and I'm not sure if that's changed since the wine bar was added. Unless you've been there before you may not realize there's parking out back off Holbrook St. I had to double back the first time I went and found that lot which is pretty tight and is shared with other businesses. If other businesses are open (hair salon) it's not a given you'll get a spot. The parking lot across the street is not immediately noticeable to people unfamiliar with the area, I don't think the access is directly across the street, and with cars parked on that street on that side, the lot is not obvious. I think you need to go through the intersection of Pearl and Washington in order to park in that lot. I know, not a huge deal. I'm just trying to warn an 8 months pregnant woman she may want her DC to drop her at the door if that prized street space is not available. Without a doubt, one of the best restaurants on the South Shore and often overlooked. Notice I made no other restaurant suggestions. I look forward to reading about the OP's experience!

              1. re: T.Clark

                Thank you all for your opinions. I can't wait to give Sintra a try. I'll post about my experience in a couple of weeks once we dine there.