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Sep 17, 2009 06:58 AM

Not too expensive brunch, walking distance to Central Park

I'm looking for a not too pricey brunch within walking distance to Central Park for an after bruch stroll. Preferably someplace that affords nearby parking, where I could park once for both.

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  1. Cental Park takes in *a lot* of territory. Do you want to be on the east side or the west side? And which street are you planning to use to enter the park?

    1. Central Park takes in a huge swath of territory, both east to west and north to south (59th street to 110th). Give us a general idea of where you would like to go in the Park and you'll likely get better suggestions...edited: RGR, we clicked post at the same moment!

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        Ah, yes! It's that "great minds" thingy, City Kid! :)

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          Thanks for the reply. I'm not real familiar with the park so I'll just take a stab here and say mid-park on the west side? Wherever the least-hastle parking might be (ha!) Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.

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            Mid-park would be in the high 70's/low80's. The very popular Isabella's is on Columbus & 77th. Don't know what the parking garage situation is up there. However, if you're going on a Sunday, you may be able to snag free street parking.


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              Same restaurant group, great brunch (same menu I think as Isabella's and Atlantic Grill on the eastside) and VERY reasonable a block away is Ocean Grill -- one of my all-time favorite brunch places. One big advantage: they take reservations!

              Can't advise on parking but it's pretty congested there...a couple of garages on 76th St., I believe, between B'way and Amsterdam.

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                UWS brunch options:

                Long lines/ more casual
                Sarabeth's (like your grandmother's nicer country home)
                Good Enough to Eat (country, homey, kitschy)
                Barney Greengrass (straight out of the 70s, specialty is smoked salmon)
                EJ's Luncheonette (diner)
                Kitchenette (a bit further north)
                Fairway Cafe (inexpensive, not the best for "atmosphere")

                Reservations accepted/casual
                Nice Matin (french brasserie)
                Calle Ocho (Latin, drink special)

                Reservations accepted/more upscale
                Ouest (French brasserie)

                RIP The Neptune Room.

            2. You could try the cafe at the 79 St boat basin. You should be able to park between Central Park and the Cafe. It's a nice pleasant walk if the weather is good. Get a table outside and enjoy the view of the Hudson River.

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                FYI: The Boat Basin Cafe is in Riverside Park, not Central Park...perhaps you're thinking of the boathouse cafe, with a view of the lake not the Hudson...sorry, Motosport, just reread your post and got your drift! My bad.

              2. Not sure about parking, but Amy Ruth's (116th and Lennox Ave) has great southern/soul food 7 blocks north of the top of the park.

                1. Square Meal on 92nd betw. Madison and 5th is lovely for brunch.