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Roasted Peppers - Mamaroneck

I was in the Village of Mamaroneck yesterday afternoon and spotted a new Mexican restaurant under construction at 230 Mamaroneck Avenue. The sign on the door said Roasted Peppers and I looked inside the open door and construction men were busy at work. Looks to be about halfway done inside. Anyone else know about this restaruant?

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  1. I think you are talking about La Herradura which is opening in the old Abis spot. If so, judging by the font used on the name, it looks to be from the same people who own La Herradura on Main Street in New Rochelle. Sadly, this is not a good thing.

    I only ate at the NR place once, about a year ago, but it was so bad as to dictate I not return. Years ago it had gotten some positive posts including some from our resident Mexican expert AdamClyde. I take his recs seriously and so we tried it. After our poor experience I posted. Adam then revisited to see if it had gone downhill and he concurred that it was pretty bad. I can't find the thread or I'd post it. (Chowhound needs an advanced search engine --- Chow people are you listening?)

    I'll reserve judgment on this one until it opens and I give it a try it but I expect I will just be throwing good money after bad.

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      no i walked by it also. roasted pepper next to sal's.

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        I meant 320 mamaroneck ave next to sals pizza

      2. I walked by Roasted Peppers and it looks like it's not a Mexican restaurant, but an American one. I'm curious. We need something in town that's not another ethnic place, but isn't MOlly Spillane's.

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          Agree Avalon.

          My error on the location. So much going on these days on Mmk Ave it's hard to keep track. Yes, Roasted Peppers is next to Sal's. Would be good to have more info on it. La Herradura where Abis was. And something called Little Kitchen or something like that where the tea room used to be.

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            I'm really dying to know if Little Kitchen is the same one that's in Westport. That would mean MORE ASIAN.

            I enjoyed my meal at La Herradura last week.

        2. I also walked by "Roasted Peppers" restaurant at 320 Mamaroneck Ave in Mamaroneck. Its going to be an American restaurant. They are apparently working on the website, and it has a few previews of what there menu is going to look like. Looks really good so far. Who knows, this might be my new regular place to eat! check their website: www.roastedpeppersny.com

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            Okay. Checked out the menu. I'm intrigued and definitely will try. Hope it's good.

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              I just looked at the menu. It says American but seems more mexican to me.

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                  Yeah, kind of. I'd call it Mexican influenced American, different than Mexican-American and not "Mexican". I think the term fusion is overused and so "2000 and late" but maybe American-Mexican fusion?

          2. This is what I can tell you. A friend of mine that works in the Scarsdale school system recommended someone to cater a party I was giving. He and his staff were professional and the food was amazing. I believe the chef/owner of Roasted Peppers is this same guy. I don't think the menu looks straight forward traditional Mexican, but has all the flavors I love. I really hope it is the same person. I look forward to opening. Does anyone know when it is??

            Roasted Pepper Cafe
            345 Main St, Huntington, NY 11743

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              I heard there may be a "soft opening" next week...waiting on a liquor license, though.

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                I emailed them. Here is reply:

                We will have our grand opening Monday November 23rd.

                We hope to see you soon!

                Best Regards,

                Ruben Ochoa Jr.

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                  can't wait! this place looks good!

              2. My husband and I ate there last night as it was the only place on the strip that wasn't crowded.

                Roasted Peppers has a nice, minimalist decor, that is still reminscent of the Starbucks that was there before. The problems is that with the exposed brick wall and tile floor, it has a bit of an echo. The place was pretty empty (we were one of three tables that were occupied during the time we were there and they were not all occupied at the same time) which didn't help. They have a lot of staff for such a small restaurant. Waitress was very nice -very attentive and seeming a bit nervous. I guess when you have been open less than a week, everyone is a bit jumpy.

                They don't have a liquor license yet, although there is a huge bar area, so I assume they intend to have one eventually. It seems that problem is afflicting more than one restaurant in the area. I joked to my husband that Molly Spillane's must be putting in a fix with the powers that be so that other restaurants can't serve liquor and will go to Molly's to drink. ;-D.

                Before the meal we were served a bread plate that consisted of slices of grilled pressed bread with roasted pepper hummus to dip them in. So far pretty good.

                We started off our dinner with salads.Husband had a simple house salad with a lemon vinaigrette. He didn't seem impressed one way or another. He was really a bit jumpy about eating in a restaurant that was so empty as if the food must be really bad (instead of just realizing the place was less than a week old). I had a spinach and fennel salad with a "citrus" vinaigrette.

                My salad was pretty good, but it needed a better balance of sweet and savory ingredients. It had dried cranberries, and mango, and candied pecans. It would have been a little better if one of the sweet ingredients had been left off - or even if more fennel had been added. A little cheese or avocado or bacon would have been nice to counter all that sweetness. I really liked the dressing and I understand where they were trying to go with it. I give them credit.

                For dinner I had skirt steak topped with a corn and black bean salsa and husband had red snapper tacos. The tacos really made him perk up. He called them very "professional" and raved about them. My steak was good. It was perfectly cooked (not one iota above the medium rare that I asked for) and melt-in-your-mouth tender. The salsa was a bit bland. It was grilled corn and black beans - and not much else. A little lime, some garlic, a little cumin, some chili pepper - any of that might have woken up the taste a bit.

                Husband had red snapper tacos. He really perked up after eating these. He called the very "professional" and that the chef obviosly had worked in restaurants before. He wasn't excited about the place right away, but the tacos really won him over.

                For dessert he had a jalapeno brownie with coconut ice cream. I had bread pudding. He loved his brownie. He could really taste the jalapeno and thought it was quite clever. The bread pudding had raspberry jam nicely sandwiched between the bread layers. I thought the custard could have used a bit more flavor. They advertise it as having "almond-spiced whipped cream", but there was only a little tiny dollop on there. A little almond in the custard (or perhaps just a little more vanilla) would have made it perfect. I also had a scoop of that delicious coconut ice cream.

                The nervous waitress checked on us often to make sure we were happy with everything as did the owner (or person I assume was the owner). Everything was served in a timely fashion. No complaints at all about the service.

                All in all it was an enjoyable meal, but there was room for some improvement. We will definitely go back and see how the place evolves. It was so empty last night (although it was around 8:30) and I really hope they make it.

                1. We ate at the Roasted Peppers last night and it was wonderful - give yourself a treat and try it out. They don't have a liquor license yet- so BYO and enjoy a reasonable and unusual meal.

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                    So it's a definite, a diner CAN bring their own wine?

                    The dishes sound really good.

                  2. I ate there last week and it was way beyond my initial low expectations. See my full review here: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/6844...

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                      Sorry, fellow hounds, I must have been there on an off night. The service was just atrocious-- apparently the waitress didn't put my order in so everyone got their meal except me. My kids didn't care for their burgers. The truffle fries were just okay, not sure if they used truffle powder or oil, but their wasn't enough flavor to figure it out. Dessert was this white chocolate mousse/chocolate cake (billed as a brownie) concoction, very mediocre.

                      I ordered the fish tacos. They were okay. I liked the lime vinegarette dressing on the house salad, and the bread/hummus starter.

                      I'm not sure what the fuss is about this place. Maybe we just had the worst waitress on planet earth and there is hope for this place, but I am not in a rush to return.

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                        Yesterday's NY Times gave Roasted Peppers a great review. Check it out.

                        And, I absolutely loved their scallops with risotto & butternut squash!!

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                          We were there the night the food critic was. The place was packed and we both sat at the bar. This was our second visit and it didn't disappoint. The food was great, as before. Now the NY Times has validated it too!

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                            They certainly have exploded in popularity. The first two times I ate there my husband and I were among the only two or three tables there. Even though he liked the food, he was always reluctant to eat there due to the lack of people. We went back this weekend and what a difference! The only table available was the one right inside the door.

                    2. Just wondering if anyone has eaten at Roasted Pepper for lunch and if so, how was it? I am meeting a few friends for lunch next week, but not sure if I should suggest it.


                      Roasted Pepper Cafe
                      345 Main St, Huntington, NY 11743

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                        It was fine, same as for dinner. It was rather quiet which should be nice if you are with a group of people.