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Sep 17, 2009 06:08 AM

Looking for a tasty lunch spot near 23rd and Sixth

Having lunch with my girlfriend, whose office just relocated to the area. Looking for something good - could be paninis, Japanese...really anything that makes you excited to go there.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Madeleine Patisserie is on 23rd, b/t 6th & 7th. There are a variety of delicious quiches, as well as some sandwiches, and, of course, the sublime pastries, tarts, and macarons. Pleasant seating area in the back of the shop.

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    1. re: RGR

      Thanks much. Sounds like it would work nicely.

    2. There's also RUB BBQ which is on 23rd between 7th and 8th. It is one of the better bbq places in the city-- with all of the quality options for 'cue in the city now, it says alot that RUB still stands out from the pack.....

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        My two experiences at RUB were wildly inconsistent. The first time, I thought the food was excellent, which is what prompted me to go again. Unfortunately, that second meal was so disappointing that I've nixed the idea of ever returning.

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          Wow...that's too bad. I've always found the food there to be very consistent.... I guess everyone has their bad days....

      2. How about some tasty Spanish tapas at Boqueria on 19th and 6th? Never disappointed and easier to get a table during lunch.

        1. If you're willing to walk to 24th and 9th, Grand Sichuan is there, but don't order anything of the Lunch Specials menu and stick to Sichuan and Hunan food only.

          If you'd like to walk a few blocks in the other direction, Saravanaas is on the corner of 26th and Lexington. Get iddlis, masala dosas, or utthapams, and they also have some delicious desserts (I love the one with pureed almonds, saffron, and jaggery).

          If you're willing to walk to 17th between 6th and Broadway, you can have good Malaysian food at Laut.

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            Thanks much for the suggestions. I imagine over the next few months, we can check out all of these.

            By the way, RCC, Boqueria is definitely on my radar.

            Thanks to all.

          2. markt is on 6th & 21st. you can sit outside if is it nice out.

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                there really is a dearth of options in the area...slim pickings - but if you can overlook the cheesy sport bar aspect, Rogue actually has some pretty good lunch items, chopped salads, great sandwiches, etc. and has outside seating. def. super casual and again, you have to be ok with the setting. but you can get in and out in 45 minutes.

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                  oh! i forgot about markt. thanks to you both for the memory-jog.