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Sep 17, 2009 05:34 AM

JKWB Sale News!

i got wind of a bit of news about the JKWB sale and thought you all might be curious....

looks like the former chef of the Gardiner location, Scott Vivian, will be taking it over along with the former owner of Joy Bistro.... Ted.... something long that i couldn't catch. the change should happen in about mid-October. they've negotiated to keep the name of the resto so i suspect that they might continue in the Jamie Kennedy philosophy but that's just my own guess.... but i'm surprised that "the other" Jamie will be going in quite a different direction!

Drummond is going to be leaving the wine bar for the non-profit Good Food Revelation. he'll be taking on the director of programs role! i'd love to see where that takes them, but i'll certainly miss his enthusiasm behind the bar. i really enjoyed some of his last white picks.

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  1. Here's some info about the change in ownership at JKWB:

    Ted Koutsogiannopoulos is the name of the other new co-owner.

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    1. The sale has been confirmed with a press release from JK Kitchens this morning.

      New owners Ted and Mary Koutsogiannopoulos & Scott Vivian will take over in early October. Despite earlier reports that they'd be retaining the JKWB name, it's now been announced that the name will be changing to simply The Wine Bar.

      They're also getting Hank's (with no name change planned, at least not according to the press release), and pastry chef Rachelle Cadwell of the Gilead Café (+ Vivian's wife) will also be a co-owner.

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        thanks for the update! i'm going to have a tough time not calling it jkwb, but c'est la vie.

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          like PSP, I'm going to have trouble not calling it JKWB...!

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          1. The original comment has been removed
            1. I wish Jamie Kennedy all the best. He seems like a decent man with high ideals that he tried to follow through on. I hope this one setback won't diminish his belief in his principles.