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Sep 17, 2009 05:17 AM

Anyone watch Chopped?

A quick search isn't bringing it up but that doesn't mean you've not talked about it already. Sorry if I'm repeating anyone, but doesn't Ted seem so stiff on this show compared to his times on Top Chef (and Queer Eye)? It's like he's trying to mimic the chairman on Iron Chef or something. I don't like seeing him so dull cuz that doesn't seem to be his true character. I like the concept of the show in general until they give them some super bizarre item in the basket (can't remember the crazy dessert ingredient recently), but this could use a little more zip somewhere.

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  1. I actually watch and enjoy Chopped, which is not to say it is not flawed. The judges really need to lighten up and the baskets are usually insane. I think what I enjoy about it is that we see a lot of the cooking and we see the chef's wheels turning when they try to figure out what to cook.

    1. Yes! What is that about Ted all formal and all? He did seem more relaxed on TC. I like Ted- maybe the lady judge is being mean to him (she seems like a tough cookie)

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      1. re: caramellaButterscotch

        Lots of discussion already here, but I agree with what you said. I fast forward through all the parts when Ted is speaking!

      2. i love chopped...but what is the deal with the new woman?

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        1. re: LaLa

          They've changed the judges over the hasn't been the same 3 all the time. That being said, Jody Williams didn't really do it for me!

          1. re: sibeats

            i am aware that there are different judges...but Jody Williams just showed up out of the blue in the championship.....she had never been in yhe rotation.

            1. re: LaLa

              Sorry, I guess I didn't understand your are right, she did show up out of the blue...and I didn't really like her deadpan personality either!

        2. The original English (UK) version is a lot lighter with judges walking around interacting with the cooks as they make their dishes even giving suggestions.. and I think they use more amatuer / home cooks then they do in the US show..

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          1. re: OnDaGo

            I usually enjoy Alex G. very much. But wow, who gave her nothing but lemons to suck on as of late??? She is downright NASTY to people. Beyond constructive Criticism.

            the other judges don't bother me that much. I will watch this when/if nothing else is on, LOL!!!

            1. re: rocks67

              I agree...I've seen Alex G on so many things, as well as a personal appearance, and she seems so sweet and nice, but not on this show. Someone is passing out the cranky pills! I also can't stand Scott Conant and Geoffrey Zakarian. They are both so cocky and arrogant. Yuk. The show would be much more enjoyable if they would all lighten up a bit!

              1. re: sibeats

                Chopped needs a fun element. When is Guy Fieri going to guest-judge? He can put the crabmeat/chocolate/olive souffle on a flip flop. That I would watch.

          2. They really must tell these judges to be so damn cranky. When I saw Amanda Freitag against Bobby Flay on Iron Chef America, she was extremely funny, likable and sweet. On Chopped she's not as dour as Alex G, but she certainly doesn't seem to be herself, either.