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Uptown Minneapolis Lunches

Hello fellow chowhounders:

My job location has changed. I've moved from downtown to Uptown and I'm trying to recalibrate my lunch options. I'm located a half block from Calhoun Square and am looking for reasonable lunch options. I know about Lucia's Bakery (which is on the high side of reasonable), Jimmy Johns, the Thai restaurants, etc. But I'm sure I'm missing something. What would you recommend for lunch that's in walking distance of Calhoun Square? Any hidden gems? Forgotten favorites? New deals?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Barbette on Lake St, Lunds for take away (if you want to dine al-desco), Bruegger's, Sushi Tango and Famous Dave's in Calhoun Square, Bar Abilene, Stella's (I like their low-brow fried stuff, not their attempts at fancy food) are all places I've tried. There's that new place Cowboy Slims that took over Campiello. It's a "scene" but I have no idea about their food. I know there are even more, but that's a quick list off the top of my head. Enjoy investigating your new surroundings!

    1. Personally, I like Kinhdo. I assume they must have some lunch specials. Their egg rolls are very good and the fried rice ordered off the menu is great.

      1. Barbette for sure ... the place kitty-corner from the Uptown Theater - and the Italian restaurant across from Barbette.

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          The one kitty corner from the Uptown is either Zeno's or William's Pub, and the Italian rest is Amore Victoria

        2. Sorry all: Barbette was definitely on my list of places to go - I just had a business lunch there on Tuesday. It's one of my favorite restaurants in my neighborhood, but it's a little expensive for "everyday" dining. I'm wondering whether there are places that you'd just pop in to for a quick, cheap lunch.

          Thanks for the recs so far. I've looked at Cowboy Slim's menu and I just can't bring myself to head in. But perhaps lunch is a way to test the place out. Haven't eaten at Kinhdo in a few years - perhaps I'll head back there soon.

          The place kitty-corner from the Uptown is Zeno's. Don't recall if they serve lunch on weekdays.

          1. Falafel King at the corner of Lyndale and Lake would be another option. Also in that direction, Bryant Lake Bowl is open starting at 8am everyday (more in the Barbette/Lucia's bakery price range).

            1. Welcome to Uptown! I have worked in this neighborhood for 13 years and the lunch options leave a lot to be desired. I bring my lunch, eat at Lucia's or the Tin Fish. Believe me, I have tried every other place in the area and none are great. There are some restaurants that are not mentioned that serve lunch...the Uptown Bar, Chang Mai Thai, Amazing Thailand, You can get Galactic Pizza, Red's Savoy and Caffrey's to deliver. There is a Punch Pizza a short drive away in Calhoun Village, Rustica bakery is supposed to open there soon. Also, not what I would consider lunch, but if you need a carb/sugar fix, there is Isles Buns and Coffee.

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                Thanks, seahag. I'm glad (but depressed) to see that I probably didn't miss anything - I've lived near Calhoun Square for 11 years, but have not really spent much time looking for weekday lunches before. I'll have to head over to the Uptown before it disappears and it's good to know that Caffrey's delivers. Galactic and Dulono's are our favorite delivery pizzas so I'll have to keep them in mind as well.

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                  I'm sure this is my punishment for scanning this thread too quickly, but what's happening to the Uptown???