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Sep 16, 2009 10:27 PM

what type of mayo to use for spicy tuna handrolls?

I used a canola mayo last time and it was too sweet. Any suggestions? Should I use masago? And while I have you attention . . . anyone have a good recipe for a spicy tuna handroll?

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  1. I don't understand: canola oil is not sweet. Do you mean store-bought mayo or homemade mayo? This is the home cooking board, after all.

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    1. Try the Japanese mayo, called Kewpie. You should be able to find it in Asian grocery stores.

      1. I use straight up Hellman's or Best Foods or Kraft (real mayo) or homemade. Kewpie is a little sweet for my tastes, so I don't buy it . Use masago, or tobiko, whatever you can get your hands on, but note that tobiko will probably have a much higher price tag. A general recipe if I feel like going with a mayo based spicy sauce:

        1/4 cup mayo
        3tbsp of masago or tobiko (if you like more, then go for it)
        1 tbsp sesame oil (or part sesame chili oil and reg sesame oil)
        Ichmi togarashi to taste - start with 1/2 tsp - it'll get hotter after a few minutes

        YMMV depending on what brand of sesame chili oil you use if you use it - some can be scorching. It's just a recipe - make it taste how YOU'D like it to taste.

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          how much tuna do you add to that sauce recipe?

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            I'm an eyeballer, sorry. I'd assume that (for MY tastes) about 3/4 cup of diced tuna would work for me. But, you can make it in batches, and see what would work for you. Cut your tuna how you'd like, and then put some of it in a bowl. Add some of the spicy mayo stuff to get it to a consistency that YOU like.

            P.s. Any of the leftover spicy mayo mixture gets tossed into canned tuna for the best tuna salad ever.

        2. I use Kewpie but regular mayo works well too. I spice it up with sririacha and maybe a little seasame oil.

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            I was going to suggest Kewpie too. That's what they use at our favorite sushi place. It really does make a difference.