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Pineapple jalapeno jelly - ideas?

A friend gave us a jar of really wonderful pineapple jalapeno jelly. Tonight I cracked it open to make wrap sandwiches of leftover pork tenderloin that had been marinated in honey/soy. I rewarmed the pork, sliced it thin and piled it on whole-wheat tortillas, then topped it with a quick jicama slaw (just salt and rice vinegar, let sit for 20 minutes) and a generous spoon of the jelly.

They were really, really good. But now I'm staring at quite a bit more of the jelly, and I'm a little flummoxed.

It's neither overly sweet nor too peppery -- just the right balance.

How would you use this great gift? I don't intend to waste a bit of it.

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  1. I love this type of jelly over cream cheese for a cracker spread.

    1. I love pepper jelly with cornbread.

      1. As a basis for a glaze for wings; or as an omelette or crepe filling; or as the filling of a pineapple-jalapeno bar cookie. For the latter, maybe I'd drizzle a simple little rum glaze on top.

        1. How about on top of a turkey burger with a grilled pineapple? Or even stuffed into bread with sharp cheddar and grilled with butter.

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            I've been thinking about that turkey burger with the grilled pineapple and OP's jelly ALL afternoon. That sounds terrific!

          2. Jam thumbprints

            I devein shrimp, wrap w/ bacon secured w/ toothpick, top w/ jalapeno jelly and bake. Hot, spicy, salty, sweet all at once. People always come back for seconds and thirds, until it's quickly gone.

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              At what temp and for how long do you cook these shrimp? They sound amazing!

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                I use large shrimp and cook at 400 for about 8-10 minutes.

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                  Thanks! I made them today b/c I had all 3 ingredients. My neighbor stopped by for a minute and I offered her a few and she was cracking up that I was serving her these delicious morsels...with toothpick and all at like 1pm. She was looking around as if expecting cameras and a big light to pop out from the living room...a special occasion? ...What did she win?? I always try to explain people how I just love to be in the kitchen and I am shocked by how many people just don't understand.

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                    Glad it worked out. LOL, it is funny that people are surprised by home cooked food, even if it is the afternoon.

            2. sounds like a great dip for coconut shrimp. I usually use Mango Jalapeno . Also excellent with chicken cutlets, or sharp cheddar cheese and crackers.

              1. I think I'd brush some on some pork chops & pork tenderloin & then grill them. I also second the cream cheese idea.

                1. To flavor plain yogurt! IMO it's better than any flavor for yogurt, just throw a tablespoon into a bowl of yogurt, divine.

                  1. There is a place in Arizona where you can buy pineapple jalapeno jelly as well as mango jalapeno jelly. The name is Chato Loco Jalapeno Jellies. P.O.Box 41857 Mesa AZ 85274
                    They ship every where in the US. They are on $6.00 each or 4 for $20