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Sep 16, 2009 09:11 PM

Pineapple jalapeno jelly - ideas?

A friend gave us a jar of really wonderful pineapple jalapeno jelly. Tonight I cracked it open to make wrap sandwiches of leftover pork tenderloin that had been marinated in honey/soy. I rewarmed the pork, sliced it thin and piled it on whole-wheat tortillas, then topped it with a quick jicama slaw (just salt and rice vinegar, let sit for 20 minutes) and a generous spoon of the jelly.

They were really, really good. But now I'm staring at quite a bit more of the jelly, and I'm a little flummoxed.

It's neither overly sweet nor too peppery -- just the right balance.

How would you use this great gift? I don't intend to waste a bit of it.

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  1. I love this type of jelly over cream cheese for a cracker spread.

    1. I love pepper jelly with cornbread.

      1. As a basis for a glaze for wings; or as an omelette or crepe filling; or as the filling of a pineapple-jalapeno bar cookie. For the latter, maybe I'd drizzle a simple little rum glaze on top.

        1. How about on top of a turkey burger with a grilled pineapple? Or even stuffed into bread with sharp cheddar and grilled with butter.

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            I've been thinking about that turkey burger with the grilled pineapple and OP's jelly ALL afternoon. That sounds terrific!

          2. Jam thumbprints

            I devein shrimp, wrap w/ bacon secured w/ toothpick, top w/ jalapeno jelly and bake. Hot, spicy, salty, sweet all at once. People always come back for seconds and thirds, until it's quickly gone.

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              At what temp and for how long do you cook these shrimp? They sound amazing!

              1. re: care11

                I use large shrimp and cook at 400 for about 8-10 minutes.

                1. re: chowser

                  Thanks! I made them today b/c I had all 3 ingredients. My neighbor stopped by for a minute and I offered her a few and she was cracking up that I was serving her these delicious morsels...with toothpick and all at like 1pm. She was looking around as if expecting cameras and a big light to pop out from the living room...a special occasion? ...What did she win?? I always try to explain people how I just love to be in the kitchen and I am shocked by how many people just don't understand.

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                    Glad it worked out. LOL, it is funny that people are surprised by home cooked food, even if it is the afternoon.