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Sep 16, 2009 09:09 PM

ATL: Eugene vs. Rathbun's

Which would you choose for dinner in ATL?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I have had great dinners at both but Restaurant Eugene outshines Rathbun's every time. The food and the service just are outstanding.

      1. My previous post was pulled so let's try again :-) My husband and I had a fabulous meal at Rathbun's on Sept 4. Everything was great and the evening could not have been better.

        1. From my one visit to both restaurants, Eugene was far better in every way.

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          1. re: rcburli

            Rathbuns is a place we have returned to again and again. Fun menu with a variety of price points.
            IMHO, Rest. Eugene was just ok. The food was over salted and not memorable. Service was friendly but slow. I didn't understand the hype. They recently changed their menu and I haven't been since then.

            1. re: mascot

              I guess it goes to show you, you have to try the place for yourself and make your own judgments.
              Complete opposite from mascot, I found everything at Rathbun's oversalted and the service less than helpful.

              I would think the OP should consider atmosphere too. Eugene is quieter and a more refined setting.. Rathbun's is more of a scene and much louder.