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Sep 16, 2009 08:56 PM

Stuffed tomatoes?

Thanks to everyone who answered my earlier vegetarian tomato potluck question. I ended up burning my tomato pie (using a different oven than usual), and went to a plan b tomato salad. 90% of the guests ended up bringing some variant of tomato salad with cheese (mostly caprese - it was pretty hilarious).

It was a great party none the less, and I ended up with the best Early Girls I've ever had as a party favor. I live in the PacNW and a lot of tomato recipes are pretty novel to me - no one eats tomato pie out here, nor are stuffed tomatoes common. I'd like to try my hand at stuffing some of these party favors with some tuna from my pantry ,but am also open to any stuffed tomato recipes suitable for a 1.5-2" diameter tomato. Any suggestions?

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  1. I'm stuffing some tomatoes tonight, with a spicy cous cous mix. Pretty much a can of garbanzos, some cous cous, some veggie stock, a goodly whack of Morrocan seasonings (chillie, cinnamon, ginger, corriander.. that sort of thing), some rose water and topped with roasted almonds.

    I've also tried them with tuna mornay, baked off with a crumbly fetta topping, as well.

    1. One of my favorite meals in the world is a crab-salad-stuffed tomato.

      I don't have a recipe, but I take the guts from the tomato, chop finely and combine with the crab, mayonnaise, a little finely chopped green onion, tarragon, and that's about it. I don't like onion or garlic, and especially not celery. The same works great with shrimp or any other crustacean.

      Makes me wish I'd had a good tomato year, and that I had the money for great crab meat! Neither was in the cards in 2009, sad to say.

      1. I made these a few weeks ago, for some vegetarian friends, and they were wonderful. Don't be afraid to spice them up a little bit, if you like spice:

        1. BLT Stuffed. Save the "guts" when you scoop them out. Mix with shredded lettuce, bacon crumbles and a bit of mayo to make the stuffing.

          Tabouli Stuffed

          Crab, Tuna, Chicken or Ham Salad

          1. Tomatoes Provencal were my go-to tomato recipe with heirloom tomatoes this summer. I used the Barefoot Contessa recipe as a guideline, which is very similar to Julia Child's. Really refreshing!