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Sep 16, 2009 08:11 PM

reds bistro????

Ive tried to search the board for Reds Bistro on Adelaide W. No one has posted about it. Has anyone been? Ive passed it now and then and the place looks quite impressive from the outside. The wine cellar is huge. any help would be great.


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  1. I have not been but know the cheese selection is decent, the guys from the cheese boutique come in and organize the cheese bin themselves and supply the cheese. I know their wine selection is impressive as well. I have vowed to make it there some day after work to have some of both, but haven't had a chance to yet.

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      went 2 years ago for an office christmas party. Had the surf and turf. Excellent

    2. I have been a bunch of times for business lunches + dinners. I'd agree that the wine selection is quite good. The food is ok - I find it slightly expensive for the quality but fine when you're dining on expense. Living downtown with the amount of selection of restaurants here I wouldnt pick Reds to spend my money on a meal, but certainly a nice glass of wine at the bar!

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        When you are there make a point of speaking with Sommelier Taylor Thompson.

        He has a superb list and is always more than willing to show you his hidden gems...

      2. The Chef is Mike Steh, he (well his team) make all the Charcute in house and the kitchen walls are lined with their home made pickles and preserves.

        Taylor is a great Sommelier and he'll take the time to break down the wine snob lingo into something manageable.


        1. I frequently go to reds after work for a glass of wine and some snacks...

          They have something like 80 wines available by the glass. (and they come in a 3 oz or 7oz size, so you can try just a little if you like)... great ontario selections, and as someone else previously mentioned, Taylor is a wealth of information - always willing to suggest.

          The food in the bar area is, in my opinion, pretty good. I LOVE their sliders and mushroom flatbread. Also, the charcuterie plate is amazing. (you can order it in its entirety, or individual items)

          Finally... the CHEESE.... yum!
          they must have the biggest list in the city, and each has a recommended wine pairing.

          I have eaten dinner there only a handful of times. I always have a good (not amazing) meal. Although my SO loves the lunch baked mac-n-cheese....