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Sep 16, 2009 07:27 PM

50 best things to eat in the world, and where to eat them


Great list.

I like #20 -- the best place to buy olive oil is an electrical supply shop in London.

  1. Great list, a few "stunners" but nonetheless a great list.

    And it's missging number 51 : Best Poutine : @ La Banquise in Montreal.

    1. I think the title should be appended with "for a Brit."

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      1. re: Ericandblueboy

        Why? It isn't as if everything he mentioned were in London.

        1. re: Reignking

          It's the foods he chose, not the location of the restaurants. Sucking down raw oysters probably wouldn't be high on the list for a Chinese.

          1. re: Ericandblueboy

            The contributers except for Eric Ripert are all UK based.

            But over all a very interesting list.

            Naturally it is very subjective however I have never heard anything good about Pepe's Pizza.

            1. re: Withnail42

              No, David Chang is on that list, and even so, the fact that they are London or UK based does not mean they are not well traveled.

              It's a London paper that published the list. I should think it would be understood it's from a Brit's point of view.

              1. re: ChefJune

                Must have missed David Chang.

                Nothing wrong with Brits choosing the thing on the list an observation as opposed to a complaint. I actually found the list very interesting.

              2. re: Withnail42

                Um ... you have never heard anything positive about Pepe's pizza? The New Haven Pepe's Pizza?

                Do you read Chowhound?

                Or perhaps are unaware of the four and a half star rating it gets on yelp with over 150 reviews.

                Or perhaps never did a casual Google search that turns up rave after rave after rave?

                I am talking about the original New Haven location which is what is mentioned.

                Of course, as any iconic place there are those whose sport it is to try to bash a place to get a little attention to themselves. So it is not without its detractors.

                However to say you have never heard anything good about Pepe's Pizza ... well, I've heard more great than bad. Having grown up in Connecticut, you are now hearing from me that the pizza at the New Haven shop is good. Very good.

              3. re: Ericandblueboy

                maybe, but if someone (chinese or UKians or something else) wants raw oysters then it might be one of the best place to eat them.

          2. Ugh. Konnopke's currywurst in Berlin. When will this myth be put to rest? As a food, currywurst does not impress. I mean, it's sausage with ketchup and curry powder.

            But this place has been overrated since day one of its existence.

            1. Love seeing Fosselman's representing!

              Go Alhambra!