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best calzones in the east bay?

can anyone suggest a place in the east bay that makes a pretty good calzone? Lola closed awhile ago, and i cant seem to find a decent replacement. thanks in advance

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  1. Dopo always has one on the menu.

    1. I don't know for gourmet calzones, but if you want delicious, cheap, greasy, and huge, Gypsy Trattoria in Berkeley.

      1. No expert but the calzones at Lanesplitter I had a bite of were pretty good. 3 locations.

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          They are good fresh and hot but they don't travel well, in my experience.

          Just an FYI for calzone fans, Lanesplitter fans

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            I like the calzones there too. Sometimes I get 'em when I'm more hungry than just their slices. Good quality ricotta. Arguably the dough is sub-optimal, they seem to just use the pizza dough.

            I agree they wouldn't travel. Get kind of soggy, right?

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              There's a special dough for calzone?

          2. so sad to hear they closed. dopo makes the best calzone i've ever had. i love to get a side of marinara as well! eat your heart out.

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              This may sound odd, but the best calzone I've had in the East Bay was from the Whole Foods in Adam's Point.

            2. i tried cugini's calzone today. Pretty darn expensive, but actually quite nice. Not greasy at all with real quality ingredients. the crust was excellent, although the top crust was a bit too thin.

              was going to try lanesplitter, but they told me it was a 45 minute wait. and dopo was too far from me at the time i was hungry.

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                Thanks for reporting back. I miss Lola's calzone too. Well, I miss Lola's everything.

              2. finally tried lanesplitter's calzone. I got the regular, but added italian sausage. The ricotta is quite good, but overall the calzone didnt overwhelm me. It kind of lacked taste. I would probably get it again (probably get the vegetarian version), but wouldnt go out of my way for it. The dough actually seemed fine to me. Definitely not as crusty as cugini's.

                On to dopo...

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                  Put Marzano's on your list to try, if you haven't yet. It's good!

                  4214 Park Boulevard, Oakland, CA 94602