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Sep 16, 2009 06:22 PM

NC barbecue on gas cooker

Don't kill me with messages about how this must be done over wood; I know, I know ... but I managed to get stuck with cooking Boston butts for about 100 people on a gas cooker that I've never used (or even seen) this weekend, and I'm unclear about one thing. There's no water pan in it; do I need to put all the meat over drip pans and fill them with water? I have my Eastern sauce, my hickory chunks, and a bunch of beer for the men who'll babysit the cooker; I just can't figure out if I need this too. I'm open to any advice -- I wholeheartedly agree with the wood-only snobbery, but it's left me unable to find much advice about what to do when stuck with gas.

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  1. You can put foil envelopes full of wet wood chunks on the burners (poke a few slits in the top) and get some woodsmoke in there. The water drip pans are better with apple juice in them instead of water. I'm sure you'll get some more detailed answers later, but I hope this helps.