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Sep 16, 2009 06:07 PM

Cowtown Beef Shack

Has anyone stopped and eaten here? I've passed by the 'shack' a few times but going south...I'm very intrigued if it's any good...anyone?

If you haven't seen it, this is literally a small shack on the side of McLeod Trail on the east side, a few blocks north of Chinook. They have picnic tables and a small shack where the drive thru espresso bar used to be.

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  1. I hadn' t noticed this, but hardly down that way. But now I am intrigued...

    1. Stopped in twice.
      First try was Cheese steak sandwich. Miss.
      Second attempt was a Beef Dip, which was a success.

      Nice size. Good bread. Around 8.50 for the sandwich.
      VERY convenient

        1. Tried it for the first time today. I had the beef dip. I was quite impressed. The beef was tender and flavourful. I was so surprised at how good the quality of the beef was. The au jus was tasty as well. It was probably the most tasty beef dip that I've ever had here in Calgary. I will definitely be back.

          Fyi.. they are open 11-6 M to F, 11-5 on Sat and closed on Sundays.

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            Tried it today and it was great. Owner was very friendly, and chatted for a couple minutes to explain the Triple A Angus roasts, and that the au jus is made just with the drippings from the roasts as they are cooked/sliced throughout the day. He also mentioned that Gilchrist had included him in a recent article, which is at

            Serving size was good, and the beef dip was very tasty. Definitely have to plan a return trip for the BBQ Beef.

          2. I tried this out last week after reading here about it and it was really good. I had the beef dip and was really impressed with the quality of the beef which made for an outstanding sandwich. I can't wait to try the bbq beef.