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Sep 16, 2009 05:54 PM

Budget food in Midtown West

Hi Chowhounds,
some of my family members are visiting NY for the first time for a few days. They are staying at the Hudson Hotel (not at list price...) and are looking for places nearby to eat good food at reasonably prices, breakfasts and dinners. Any hints?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. There are literally hundreds of restaurants that might meet your criteria. More details about food preferences, exact price range you have in mind, food dislikes, will get you useable recs.

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        more details ... age over 60, used to European food and are afraid of the "typical" American breakfasts and dinners, are on a tight budget are open to explore international cuisine. The following experience I had once would be great for them: small Italien restaurant (8 tables) 2 choices on the menu that was a chalkboard and the food out of this world. Thanks.

      2. i always reccomend uncle nicks (greek tapas)

        1. Do a search for Hell's Kitchen and you will get a ton of ideas. I like Uncle Nicks, but its a regular Greek Restaurant, not a tapas place. The ouzaria next door to the original restaurant does do a small plate format though I prefer the original. Other favorites in the area include Pam Real Thai, Wondee Siam and Casuella.

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            my bad, i meant uncle nick's OUZARUA

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              Greek is always good ... lots of Greek food eating and cooking experience ...

          2. Empanada Mama has great food and is really inexpensive.