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Sep 16, 2009 05:29 PM

Seafood, fish wholesalers in Toronto


Where do fish retailers (TnT Supermarket, St. Lawrence Market, etc.) get their fish?

Please list all the fish wholesalers in Toronto you know, for all to benefit.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Most wholesalers don't/won't sell to civilians. Some, like All Seas/Mike's, have wholesale/retail entities.

    1. Seacore is one of the big ones. They have a warehouse and store in Woodbridge, on Aviva Park, off Weston, south of 7. I shop there periodically.

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      1. re: OTFOODIE

        Seacore, who's retail part is called Seafood Depot also has tons of other stuff like canning jars and pots, to knick knacks for the kitchen to a few groceries, and tons of Italian products.

        1. re: icey

          Thanks for adding that icey. It is quite a place to browse around. They might have as good a selection of Italian canned tomatoes and sauces as you'll find around the GTA.

      2. There's McGregors

        They have a real push on sustainability

        1. newport fish importers

          This is where Hiro sushi gets some of his fish.