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Monte Alban Re-Opens

For all their fans..they have big" we are re-open" signs all over...enjoy...

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  1. This is fantastic news. I wonder if the expansive murals survived. I'm not sure things would be the same without those. A bit tacky, but part of the experience.

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    1. re: glutton

      Had lunch there today. The murals were intact, and the taco barbacoa was as good as ever. No damage from the fire, just smoke.

    2. Good news! I will be stopping by tomorrow to show my support. I suggest others do as well - they probably had fire insurance but they may not have had business interruption insurance and could use the business.

      1. Hurray!

        1. YEA!!!!!!!

          1. Thank you for this post. mmm lunch tomorrow!

            1. Woohoo!

              1. A bit of a smokey aroma from the fire still lingers but, I am happy to report, the food is as great as ever. Had a blissfull lunch of perfect clayuda, moles, consumme...dreamy wonderful food.

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                1. re: Ciao Bob

                  Just pretend the aroma is from homemade chipotle.

                2. Went yesterday for lunch; yes, there's a little smoke odor when you first walk in, but it goes away.

                  The mole negro and estofado were killer as always; in fact our 18 month boy ate most of my wife's mole.

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                  1. re: vinosnob

                    They also have an ad announcing their re-opening and a bunch of coupons in this week's LA Weekly.