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Sep 16, 2009 05:26 PM

Boston with 15 High School Seniors (Girls) from Toledo

Going to be back in Boston for the Head of the Charles and the coach is looking for a place to go with the girls for dinner Saturday night. Everyone is going to Little Italy Friday night. Somewhere close to a T station would be helpful. Of course a locally owned restaurant would be great.

Thanks for all your help

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  1. Chowhounders shoot me now. They will love Fire and Ice in Boston or Cambridge. They choose their proteins, veg and sauces and the grill masters cook it all into one tasteless mass. The kids will enjoy.

    1. Just FYI, if you ask for directions for "Little Italy" you might not get Boston that neighborhood is referred to as the North End.
      Now, as far as dinner recommendations go, you could get great seafood at "The Summer Shack"...very casual (paper on the table) but get a lobster and some chowder and you will be happy. It is near a T station and very centrally located to everything if you visit the Back Bay location.

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        Yeah, Summer Shack might be a great choice - it is definitely food you would associate a lot more with Boston than Toledo, and the atmosphere is informal. The Alewife location might be another good choice. It is in Cambridge, and right across the street from a T station. So, if the group is starting from the Cambridge side of the river, they may be able to walk to the nearest Red Line stop and be at Summer Shack within a very few minutes!

        As much as I hate to make the suggestion, what about someplace like Durgin Park? It is very Boston and certainly has plenty of choices on its menu to please the less adventurous as well as those who want to try something new. The prices are reasonable. Plus, I bet the girls would really enjoy walking around Quincy Market afterwards. If you are unfamiliar with Quincy Market, it is sort of an indoor-outdoor pedestrian mall with lots of shops, restaurants, and bars - definitely lots of people there on a Saturday evening - plus there are some historic buildings, such as Faneuil Hall, right there (complete with a statue of Sam Adams, brother of John, right outside.)

        1. re: PinchOfSalt

          Dolphin Seafood near Harvard sq. is a better choice than Alewife Summer Shack, imo. They can walk around Harvard Sq. before or after dinner. And, there is Berryline right across the street from it.

      2. You asked this same question two years ago and received many responses. Most of the restaurants that meet your criteria are still around. Just wondering what more you are looking for?

        1. Yeah, how did it turn out in 2007? And shouldn't those girls be in college by now?

          1. I also find that out-of-towners enjoy the Barking Crab, if you like seafood. The younger people especially enjoy smashing crabs with rocks and eating fried seafood. (Personally not my favorite, but always a hit with guests).