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Sep 16, 2009 05:17 PM

Peking Duck MSP

Hi Chowhounds,

Does anyone have a recommendation for Peking duck in the MSP area? I'm thinking about it as an option for my husband's birthday, but only if it's going to be high quality....

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  1. Mandarin Kitchen has Peking duck. I have tried one of their other duck entrees and liked it, but i don't know about their Peking duck.

    Another place I have tried and found acceptable was Ping's on Nic just south of 13th. It's the old-school Chinese that's perfect for Christmas dinner when everyplace else is closed.

    For high quality duck, possibly the best in town, I would recommend Saffron. Not, it's not Peking duck by any stretch - it's middle Eastern. But i would def rate it as world class duck. Duck is one of those things that will forever keep me from being a vegetarian. I've had the pleasure of some amazing duck in Paris, Toulouse, and Hong Kong. The times I've had Saffron's duck, it was world class.

    Hopes for a happy birthday!

    1. Princess Garden
      1665 Rice St
      St Paul, MN 55117-3755
      (651) 488-0531

      Has wonderful peking duck and has won awards for it. But it does take a two day notice

      1. I've not had Peking Duck in the Twin Cities (next visit!) but I know both Mandarin Kitchen and Princess Garden do - and they both say they need only a couple of hours notice. That is a bit strange IMO because the normal kitchen prep time from start to finish for a Peking Duck is usually 18-24 hours, not a couple of hours. Mandarin Kitchen offers two versions ($35 or $48) and Princess Garden charges $35.