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Sep 16, 2009 03:07 PM

Real Authentic Asian food in Seattle? Spec. szechuan hot pot and korean bulgogi

So I just finished traveling Asia for past 6 months and boy do I miss the food. I was wondering if anyone can recommend a few places for me in Seattle area? I am craving a real szechuan hot pot restaurant. the real deal with the szechuan peppers at the bottom of the pot filled with boiling oil and you just dip the meats and vegis inside and pull em out when done.

I also want to find authentic korean bulgogi. I have found a few places but none are exactly right, with the meat on the grill, while you also grill the kim chi and garlic and you wrap it in a leaf with some red spread (forgot the name). Most importantly I need too makalee.

I know i sound like a pric asking for the "real" deal but i sure wanna eat the foods that really take me back to my experience.

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  1. Sichuanese Cuisine on 12th & Jackson for the hotpot. Also a good spot for Chongqing-style chicken and mapotofu.

    Can't help you on the bulgogi - there aren't any good places for that here. Hosoonyi in Edmonds has good soondubu if you're into that.

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      I would recommend both 7 Stars across the street from Sichuanese Cuisene and even better, Szechuan Chef in Bellevue for more authentic hot pot than SC. Don't get me wrong, they have terrific food, but specifically their hot pot I feel is less good than the other place.

      Bulgogi I had some good stuff at Kaya but it certainly isn't exactly like what you'll get in Korea. But it is the best I've had recently.

      1. re: dagoose

        Cool, thanks a lot, I will def try it out.

        Chongqing was exactly the style I was going for. It's funny I wasn't really in love with it when I was in Chongqing or Chengdu but for some reason I'm craving it like mad now.

        For the bulgogi I found a few spots in Seattle that are close but they are never exactly right. Same goes for bibimbap which I don't really get since it doesn't seem to be that hard to make. The salads during the course are off too and the kim chi always seems to be too bitter in the usa.

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          Szechuan Chef in Bellevue is under new ownership and not very good anymore.

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            As far as Sichuan is concerned, Bamboo Garden and Spiced in Bellevue serve more extensive, authentic menus than 7 Stars or Sichuanese Cuisine, with dishes that are also generally higher in quality. Spiced's chef is from Chongqing, so its probably right up your alley. See

            I love Korean food, but never order bulgogi. Almost any Korean restaurant in the area will have it...where have you tried it? Korean places in Seattle proper aren't generally as good as those in Federal Way and Lynnwood.