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Sep 16, 2009 02:53 PM

Breakfast in Amsterdam

I have a 7 hour lay over in A'dam on Saturday, October 10, and plan to come into the city to pass the time. I would love a recommendation for a nice place for breakfasat/brunch. I love a perfect combination of setting/environment and good food, whether that is a farm house, an old pub, or an historic hotel. I'll only have time for one meal and a walk around town. I've been to the museums before, so this will simply be a chance (on my way home from Uganda) to have a nice memorable meal. Too bad the time wasn't better when I could enjoy lunch or dinner. I will need to leave town to return to the airport around 11:30 am. So it will really be for breakfast.

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  1. Incredibly, this is a difficult question to answer.

    From my experience, there just isn’t much of a breakfast culture in the Netherlands. Most people just eat a simple meal of bread and possibly cheese, maybe getting as fancy as an uitsmijter (fried egg on bread with cheese/ham). The majority of the time, this meal is eaten at home.

    So, that means that breakfast and brunch can be very difficult to find. In the center of Amsterdam, you will likely see some places with big signs advertising “English Breakfast”… but I have yet to find an option that comes close to satisfactory. However, I have yet to try Greenwoods (Singel 103) – which is supposed to have a good English breakfast. I believe that they open at 9:30, so that may work with your timeframe.

    Some people come here and get excited about pannenkoeken, but then they are sad to discover that most of the pancake houses don’t even open until noon. Or later. Then, many people may be disappointed when they actually EAT a pannenkoeken. I agree that you can go very wrong with these, but I would argue that the “slavisch” pannenkoeken at the Upstairs Pannenkoekenhuis is about as close to perfect as I can imagine. Sadly, they won’t be open until after you need to leave. But – there is another place (unfortunately, I haven’t tried this place either) that is supposed to be good enough… and they should be open at 10:00. The name is Pancakes! (, and they are located between Prinsengracht and Keizersgracht… between the Anne Frank House and Leidseplein.

    I hope this helps! Good luck!

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      I made it to Greenwoods this past weekend. While it is a friendly little spot on the Singel canal, I'd call the food just okay. Basic offerings, small portions, kinda high prices (considering).

      I also had breakfast recently at a place that was pretty impressive. Not within your timeframe (they don't open until 11h) or location (Amsterdam West), but they serve a mean Turkish breakfast. Hearty omelets for around 6 EUR or you can go all out and get the full breakfast meal with tea, bread, eggs, and a dozen or so plates of cheeses, spreads, sausages, etc. Way more food than you can probably eat for 13,50 EUR per person.

      Podium Mozaïek
      Bos en Lommerweg 191
      1055 DT Amsterdam, Netherlands
      +31 20 3309400

      ...also, I believe that Singel 404 opens at 10:30.

      Eetcafe Singel 404
      Singel 404 Amsterdam

    2. I wonder if Singel 404 is open that early. They have a fantastic array of delicious broodjes aka sandwiches. Also, nearby is Lef, a cute little breakfast place.

      1. We went to Pancakes! and enjoyed it very much. It will not open 1 minute before 10. We had coffee at a nice place across the street while we waited. It was worth waiting for, though.