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Sep 16, 2009 02:49 PM

Dinner at Jar

I had dinner at Jar last night. Previously, we have only been there for brunch.

First of all, love the dining room. Cool music, relaxing lighting and overall a great vibe. OK, now for the chow:

appetizer: creamy burrata with artichoke pieces, currants, pine nuts and a lemony dressing. VERY good because of all of the contrasting flavors: sweet, nutty, creamy, sour and herbal.

main course: 16oz bone in Kansas city steak ($41.), the menu did not list it as "prime" so I am not sure. Pefectly cooked and very beefy taste. Topped with a small dollop of herb butter. A choice of two sauces are offered. I chose green peppercorn, which oddly was brown in color, but tasty anyway. I also got the bernaise.

sides: there are many sides to choose from and they are the usual suspects. I instead opted for some of their "special" sides. The first was chanterelles. A very generous portion of roasted mushrooms was sitting in some broth. Woodsy and a perfect match for the steak.

I also ordered the fava beans. This was a really creative dish and it was served cold. The favas were very al dente and tossed with mint, cilantro, onions and lemon juice.

dessert: what they market as the "highly acclaimed" chocolate pudding. Boardering on bitter sweet in taste it was dense but tasty.

Service was typically very good. My only complaint, and it is a small one, is this: I kind of thought that some of the side dishes were overpriced, at least to my taste. $18 for the mushrooms, $16 for the favas. It makes the pudding at $10 seem like a bargain in comparison. Still in all, I was satisfied. As I am fond of saying, there is no such thing as an expensive GOOD meal only an expensive BAD one. 4 out of 5 possible dancing cooks...

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  1. i'm kinda torn about this place....the pot roast I had their was great, but I wasn't too fond of the kansas city steak or some of the sides...and I felt everything was a little overpriced for what you get...

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    1. re: peppermonkey

      Peppermonkey, can you elaborate on why you didn't like the kansas city steak? I've been thinking of going to Jar, but it comes with a very high tarrif and I haven't been convinced I will like it.

      1. re: Lambster

        while it had good chew and was cooked just seemed to be missing the "beefiness" that you would get at say....wolfgangs or better yet peter luger...i only went once...maybe I was expecting too much, but the pot roast was fabulous

          1. re: Lambster

            their sunday brunch prices/portions were a good intro to the menu imho.

      1. re: blackbookali

        Funny - we go there mostly just for the sides and cocktails at the bar. I"m a vegetarian but we're happy w/the blue cheese iceberg salad, creamed spinach, roasted asparagus, fries... yum. Only side I was disappointed in was a hummus type deal.

        1. re: tahitiginger

          Not vegi-friendly (I think they have bacon in them), but I absolutely love their brussel sprouts.

      2. Thanks for the review.

        NB: In "Green Peppercorn" sauce, the color refers to the unripe peppercorns which are preserved in brine and have a greenish cash vs. black for fully cured peppercorns. They are usually in a sauce made with sauce and butter, hence brown sauce.

        Also, fava beans are require a LOT of staff time to prepare and chanterelles are really expensive. I would expect either side to be high priced.