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Sep 16, 2009 02:04 PM

Help: is baking time different in a bundt pan?

I'm making a chocolate zucchini cake that called for a 9x13 pan. Any idea if I should bake it a little longer because it's thicker, or???

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  1. What's the bake time on the original cake? It will probably be longer than the original by about 1/4 so if you start your testing after the original bake time and go in 5-10 minute increments you should probably hit it with some accuracy. Now, keep a record of how long it takes in total and then take off about 3-5 minutes for each time you opened the oven door to test. So the next time around you leave it for the new time, test and adjust upwards if you need to.

    A lot will depend on the denseness/moisture content of the cake and how long it takes the thickest part of the cake to cook. That said a bundt pan won't take as long as a loaf pan and is likely to be relatively close to your 9/13 at the very center where it takes the longest to cook. Your results may even be better because there won't be any corners overcooking and getting dry. Good luck and let us know how it goes. If it's very good, post the recipe please.

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      Wow, Aggie, thank you--that's exactly what I needed! Original recipe called for 50 minutes and I was guessing an extra 10 minutes, but your strategy is great. It's a very moist batter, with all the grated zucchini, so it'll be interesting to see. Will report back!

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        it will also depend on the size of your bundt pan. a 9x13 pan holds 14 cups of batter, while the largest bundt, 10x3.5, only takes 12 cups.

        typing this i now see the op is 6 years old. :(

    2. I have grown to love making most of my cakes in my aluminum bundt pan.Especially the upside down cakes and (today) an upside down coffee cake with crumb topping.My oven is old and not reliable, so I've noticed my bundt cakes taking almost double the amount of time to bake.The cakes are thicker, it's 10" across, so I just carefully open and use the "skewer" method when it starts to get a golden brown top & looks close to being done.You don't want to slam the oven door at the still raw in the middle stage or it will fall.I check with the pick or if it "springs " back towards the cone when I feel it's ready to come out.Just keep an eye on it ...