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Sep 16, 2009 01:46 PM

Where can I buy Muscovy duck breasts?

Any place local that sells Muscovy duck breasts? It's quite expensive to buy online. I'm fine with buying whole ducks too if that's the only option in the area. Prefer hen where possible. I live in NW DC, so close to their would be ideal.

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  1. Dean and Deluca has them sometimes; still expensive. I always used to buy mine at Sutton Place--since it's closed I am also curious about other suppliers. For some reason Whole Foods doesn't seem to carry them

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      Try Balducci's...they sell most of D'artganan's products...if it is not a stock item, I'm sure they will get it for you.
      I actually have seen them at the whole foods in Clarendon...whole ducks, too.

    2. I've seen Muscovy at the Eastern Market (I know I'm a broken record) although Long Island ones more often. the Inman's usu. have a larger amount, but IIRC the Paiks will sell just the breast. call ahead in any case.