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Sep 16, 2009 12:22 PM

Clay Pit - Durham?

Saw it mentioned in Greg Cox's column today.

Sounded interesting, but I am hesitant as my tastes seem to be different than Mr. Cox's.

So has anyone here tried it?



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  1. We went there last night.

    The food was quite good. I had a chicken biryani that was smothered in basmati rice and aromatic with cardamon, black pepper and lime. My wife got moussaka that was good and rice scented with whole cloves.

    The place, however, was depressing. Its conversion from whatever retail store occupied the space before is not quite complete, and it was lit by glaring fluorescent lights. The food was served with plastic utensils. This might not have bothered us if there had been more people there, but there was only one other couple, who came in the same time we did. If the owners can do something to make the place more inviting, it would be worth another try.

    It's worth a first try, in any case.

    I've asked myself why I don't have the same reaction to Laziz Biryani Corner, which is in the back of a convenience store on Hillsborough Street in Raleigh. I think it is because, despite being in a humble location, Laziz conveys the impression of being a going concern, and of course the food at Laziz is excellent.