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Sep 16, 2009 11:54 AM

Village Whiskey

Stopped into Village Whiskey last night, and curious to see others' thoughts on this place. The bourbon list was fantastic, I had a Tulltiltown Baby Bourbon. My boyfriend got to experience a special Russell's Reserve aged in Chardonnay oak barrels that wasn't on the menu (which was totally bonkers). Didn't have any of the food (went to dinner at Tinto), but was wondering if anyone has had the infamous Whiskey King burger?? And is it as delicious as it sounds....

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  1. Checked it out today for lunch with 5 colleagues, several of whom are foodies. Disappointing. Four of us ordered the Village Burger. 1 was served medium, as ordered. Mine was to be rare to very rare and came out medium; 2 others were to be medium and were rare. Also, the duck fat fries -- a great idea -- were disappointing as well. Good flavor, but oily and limp, not at all crisp. The place is relatively new but it has its work cut out for itself.

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      I was not impressed with my Village burger either. The waitress promised quality sirloin and it was flavorless and not cooked properly. I will give a thumbs up to the pickled tomatoes and beets..different and good for sharing!

    2. haven't had a burger, but the duck fat fries with sly fox cheddar sauce are fabulous! I also second jl0328's recommendation for the pickled part of the menu. And, the cheese puffs were a great snack.

      It's a really outstanding bar with good snacks. Like Franklin Mortgage & Investment, but with snacks.

      1. I had the Village burger shortly after they opened and thought it was one of the best and juiciest burgers that I have had in Philly. It was so good, the burger did not require any cheese.

        1. I have been there twice and despite several gaffes and disappointments I think the place is fabulous. The bar and staff ooze class and the service is first-rate and like the classiest of places, without a trace of snootiness or irony. There are numerous weak spots true; too small menu, sparce seating, several dishes I thought relatively mediocre (veggie burger, lobster roll). But this is quite simply the classiest bar outside a steakhouse or hotel, in Philly. I work hard and service like that just makes me relax and forget my problems. Smoking-hot servers who are not even slightly slutty, too.

          1. My bf got the burger and it all fell apart. THe bun got too wet from all the juiciness and the whole thing turned into a giant mess. I had the pork sandwich. It was great, but I'm from North Carolina and am the hardest to please when it comes to pork sandwiches. I found it a little sweet, but still good.
            Love the cheese puffs. Love love love them. my fries weren't soggy, but I found their flavor to be kind of, well, regular. The cheese sauce was awesome.

            Service: wasn't great. But there was a table of about 8 very drunk businessmen hogging our server. I don't blame her, I'm sure she made a wad of dough off of them and they were very pushy about constantly keeping her attention, but it did lessen my experience slightly.
            Whiskey menu = awesome. Next time I'll just go for the whiskey.

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              Had the burger, saturday night. It was delicious. It's all home made, including the bun!
              All the pickles are home made, the sauce, the ketchup, quite an effort.
              Only negative, the place is small, don't expect to get a table without a long wait. we ate at the bar despite waiting one hour.