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Sep 16, 2009 11:47 AM

Eastern Standard and Prohibition Book Talk/Drinks?

Just read the email about the Prohibition event going on at Eastern Standard next Wednesday evening. Does anybody know anything about this, or is considering going? It seems from the email like it will be a book talk followed by appetizers and Prohibition-themed drinks for sale.

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  1. Interesting - I know nothing about it but wonder what constitutes "Prohibition-themed drinks"? Bathtub gin?

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    1. re: BobB

      mint julep? I think that's from the Great Gatsby.

      1. re: hynespb

        The mint julep is a classic cocktail that's been around since the 17th century, there's nothing especially Prohibitiony about it.

      2. re: BobB

        Apparently you have to call ES and ask to be put on the list, then they'll give you a password for the door, like at a speakeasy.

        1. re: BlueTrain84

          Now THAT says Prohibition! Of course, the effect will be kind of spoiled by the fact that the entire front wall of the restaurant is glass. It's not the same without somebody opening up a little sliding panel in a solid door to ask for the password ;-)

          1. re: BobB

            What would be even better is if halfway through the event some "cops" showed up to bust up the illegal drinking establishment.

      3. A bit more detail on the event:

        Rather bizarrely, the article is datelined 9/22 and speaks of the event (on the 23rd) as happening "tomorrow." But it's still the 21st as I write this. Somebody jumped the gun.

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        1. re: BobB

          That happened to me last week w/ something else. I did a google search which turned up an article on which was dated the next day (it was late in the evening, but ...). I forget the specific reason but I only noticed it for a similar reason as you did here (date references not adding up)

          1. re: jgg13

            There seems to be a growing trend in online editions of newspapers to publish some articles online a day early (or sometimes several, as in the case of the lead story in the NYT Sunday Magazine). So that piece on the ES event might show up in tomorrow's print edition of the Globe appropriately datelined, but they got it out early online.

            Just a guess.