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Sep 16, 2009 11:42 AM

Need recommendations for decently priced restos in West Hollywood area

I am visiting LA for Columbus Day weekend for my husbands birthday and I would love some restaurant recs. Not too expensive, not too fussy and we like mexican, italian, asian. We have 2 small kids, don't get out much, so a fun and festive ambiance wouldn't hurt. We have 3 nights out so a rec doesn't necessarily need to be super fun happy time to make the list. We are staying in West Hollywood so if it is nearby that would be good, as I am trying to keep driving to a minimum. I know there are tons of great restaurants in LA, but I am no sure I want to be driving far distances after a meal and wine (or sake or beer....).

We are from he East Coast and want to get the local opinion. I am the foodie and he not so much so any help would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Here are a few ideas in the hood...

    Mexican: Mexico Restaurante y Barra, Lotería! Grill
    Italian: Amarone Kitchen & Wine, Vivoli Café & Trattoria, Minestraio Trattoria
    Asian: Mako (Bev Hills), Yabu, Chaya Brasserie

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      I don't recall seeing a review here on Mexico R y B? Have you been?

      Marix isn't too bad:

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        I actually think RH Andaz (for what you get) and Palihouse (for the Sunday supper) are almost "good" deals...

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          I have been to Mexico (once). The food was definitely better than Marix...I would almost describe it as upscale Mexican food if that makes sense. Drinks were really good and strong also and it was a super fun atmosphere...kinda loud and everyone seemed to be having a good ole time.

      2. Having small kids with you will be the major limiting factor in the West Hollywood area. I think from a kid-friendly perspective (rather than a foodie perspective), you may want to try the Farmers Market on 3rd and Fairfax which has been the subject of extensive posts here. Ketchup on the Sunset Strip might also be fun -- I seem to recall that they had a kids' menu although this place is far hipper than you would expect for a place with a kids menu. My memory could be wrong. Cheebo, located in Hollywood on Sunset and Sierra Bonita, has very tasty, organic comfort food and is very welcoming of kids.

        1. What would be fun for the kids (and you too, if you like chili cheese dogs?) would be to go to Carney's on the Sunset Strip. They are in a train car and even have a nice outside patio with picnic tables in front. Always great people/car watching as the parade goes by on Sunset and, to gild the lily, they even have their own free, non valet parking lot (which is unheard of in that area of LA).

          Carney's Restaurant
          8351 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069

          1. Yatai on Sunset in WeHo is perfect for you!
            I will second Amarone Kitchen and Wine, also on Sunset.
            These are my WeHo-go-to places to eat well, inexpensively and have fun.

            1. Actually I phrased my post incorrectly. What I meant was, we are going away without our kids so we are looking for a fun and festive place that won't have kids. SOrry! But thanks for all of the recommendations!