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Sep 16, 2009 11:24 AM

Weight Watchers products Montreal?

Is there a place where I can find various WW products in Montreal? You can find a few WW approved bread products or TV dinners here and there at your generic super market but not much else.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Depends where you shop I guess, I've seen their cookies, cakes, breads, etc and have bought a few of them. Provigo, Metro and Loblaws all seem to carry the same stuff though.

    England has tons more things apparently, including wine...go figure.

    1. You have to hunt around and check out the various supermarkets. Actually, one of the good things about WW is that unlike other weight loss programs, they don't push their own line of products. In fact, the last time I was a member there when you walked into one of their centers you could only buy their cookbooks and maybe a box of snack cookies. Unless things have changed, they steadfastly refuse to promote or sell their own branded foods in their centers. And furthermore, all of their food products are made by other companies, to which they've licensed the name. In terms of their bread, there's nothing special about it. It's a generic white or whole wheat loaf. Made no differently than any other mass produced bread. The secret is that the the loaf is smaller than a regular loaf, and sliced thinner, therefore you consume less. But if you look around some large commercial bakeries, notably Ste-Methode, make a basic whole wheat loaf (nothing fancy) that contains no fat or sugar and is only slightly higher, if not the same, on the calorie and fat scale, as the Weight Watcher loaf.

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        If you live on the West Island, the IGA in the Marche de l'Ouest now carries Weight Watcher's ready to serve soups.

      2. I saw the WW soups at Costco as well...