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how do you eat a popover?

I've never had a popover, although I've seen them on TV and in recipe books. They look like a fun item. Given that they're basically hollow bread rolls, how do people typically eat them? Are they meant to be pulled apart and buttered on the hollow side and eaten piece by piece at breakfast? I could also imagine them broken open on the top and filled with custard like a cream puff, or filled with meat and gravy for dinner.

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  1. "Are they meant to be pulled apart and buttered on the hollow side and eaten piece by piece at breakfast? I could also imagine them broken open on the top and filled with custard like a cream puff, or filled with meat and gravy for dinner."
    all of the above! ;) popovers are incredibly versatile.

    i noticed that some of your posts have been on the Manhattan board - if you ever happen to dine at one of the BLT restaurants, don't miss the *amazing* complimentary Gruyere popovers they serve instead of a bread basket.

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      Also the Popover Cafe - it gets mixed reviews but their online menu will give you a bunch of ideas should you decide to make them at home. It is an easy one-bowl batter and a popover pan is not necessary; a muffin tin, ramekins, or coffee cups will all turn out fine popovers. There's a recipe on the side of the Wondra flour canister (although Wondra is not essential, it's smooth-blending characteristics make it great for hand-stirred batter.)

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        The Popover Cafe's popovers aren't a good example of the genre. They're not served hot (!), and are overly bready, or at least were when I had them. I do agree they're pretty straightforward to make, despite all the mystique.

    2. Butter and jam is what we do. I like to tear them in half and put some butter and jam in each half. Fold up and take bites, trying to keep melted butter from running down my arm. (We eat these at dinner, never for breakfast -- they take too long to prepare.)

      1. They're wonderful with turkey or roast beef. Slathered with butter... or dipped into gravy. Oh, and make LOTS of them. I have two giant popover tins that, combined, make a dozen popovers, and there are never enough. I've had my very best results using a non-stick popover tin. Preheat it in the oven before you pour the batter in. Suddenly, I've got a craving for popovers!

        1. Have you ever tried the popovers from the Zodiac restaurants @ Neiman Marcus? They're the size of a football and they're FREE.

          I like to eat popovers the same way I eat muffins. I break apart the tops, eat those first and then eat the stem.

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            Love those! The one in San Francisco would serve them with blueberry butter.

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              If you're referring to the ones served at Neiman Marcus in the Rotunda restaurant they are served with strawberry butter (although they will bring regular butter for them too and you can alternate giving yourself major heart artery blockage ;-D> ).

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                Not sure Servorg. Is that the Neiman Marcus in Union Square? It was over 15 years ago...but I remember that blueberry butter. :)

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                  Right. The Union Square NM's restaurant. It really is quite a nice place to lunch. We not only got the popovers with strawberry butter to begin, but we had the lobster club sandwiches. I left feeling VERY satisfied...


                  Add: http://tour.circlepix.com/tour.htm?id...

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              Yes yes! With butter and strawberry preserves!

            3. In my mind the best was is fresh hot with butter and homemade jam at Jorden's Pond in Acadia Park Maine! For home use, they are like a crape dough baked, so not very bready, break open and butter the inside, eat with beef and dip in gravy, eat with breakfast (butter and jam) you could stuff with tuna, chicken, ham, crab, shirmp or egg salad...

              1. Sometimes it's just as simple as picking up and digging in. Au jus is a plus.

                1. Popovers drizzled with honey, oh my!
                  Filled with goat cheese & fig jam, delish!
                  but a well made popover needs little to delight.

                  If you give making popovers a try this primer is super helpful! It took me a good deal of practice to get the recipe just right but so worth it!

                  1. Torn in half and buttered while hot. Food of the gods. Nothing compares to the steamy, eggy goodness of a popover fresh from the oven.

                    1. Very slowly, because I'll only eat 1 a year, but when I do it's from Popover Cafe on Amsterdam Ave. in N.Y. with their strawberry butter