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Sep 16, 2009 10:54 AM

Female traveling alone to Seattle in November. Where should I eat??

I will be making my very first trip to Seattle in mid-November. I will be traveling alone. I am looking for fun, interesting places to dine. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, bar scene, and late night dining. I am a very adventurous diner and I would like to get the best taste of Seattle that I can in one week!
What would you suggest?
I have not made hotel reservations yet, but I assume I will be in the downtown area.
Thanks in advance for you help!

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    1. Maybe these will help-
      I would recommend- spending a day of exploring & eating in Ballard/Fremont, a day in West Seattle/Alki, a day in Capitol Hill/Madison, and day of Pike Place/Downtown, and a day in the International District/ Pioneer Square
      Not to be missed- Salumi, Skillet, Cafe Vita(or another like Stumptown), Pike Place Market eats, a Tom Douglas restaurant (my vote The Palace, Lola, maybe Serious Pie, Marcina, Trophy cupcake/Mollie Moon, Paseo, etc etc :)

      I like Oddfellows for solo breakfast/brunch, Matt's in the Market for solo lunch, and Spur for cocktails. There are many others too*

      1. I had an excellent dinner by myself sitting at the bar of the Steelhead Diner. I'd also suggest checking out Top Pot donuts. The cake donutes are a specialty if you like those...

        1. I thought I would reply to you all about what I did and where I ate on my wonderful trip to your beautiful city.

          Day 1 - I got in to Seattle in mid afternoon and checked into the Beautiful 11th Ave Inn in Capital Hill. This place is AMAZING!! If you ever have friends or family visiting, they would love you for setting them up at this place! Beautiful rooms, amazing breakfast, close to Pike's market/ downtown (about 1.5 mile walk) and Beverly the women that cares for the home is extraordinary!!!
          That evening I went with a friend to Poppy. I love this concept. We had a regular and a veggie Thali. I love the tasting plate concept and everything on the plate was fantastic. We did not even come close to finishing it.
          Day 2 I took the "Seattle Bites" food tour through the market. This is the best tour ever. You get a lot of food samples and learn a ton about the history of Seattle and of the market itself! The tour guide Jan Marie is amazing and I will take this tour every time i go to Seattle. I did not go out for dinner that night, I took back a few things from the market to eat in my room. I had the biggest and best Pastrami sandwich ever from the I Love NY deli in the market, a bottle of white wine, cheese from Beechers (across from the market), fruit from the corner produce and chocolate from Rocky mountain chocolate factory. When I was walking home i passed the best smell ever!!! Hot Mamas Pizza on Pine ave. I do not know how anyone can walk past there and not stop for a slice...I got two, a pepperoni and a pesto!!
          Day 3 - I soent the entire day at the Olympus Spa in Lynnwood. I know this isn't a food place, so I will just say it was FANTASTIC!!! Check it out!!! That night I had dinner at the Steelhead Diner. I felt very comfortable sitting at the bar by myself. They had a great 3 courses for $30 menu. I had great clam chowder, a coffee crust steak and potatoes and a decadent chocolate pecan pie!!! Delicious!!
          Day 4 - I had to move out of the B&B and to a hotel downtown. I had lunch at Matt's in the Market. Love this place. Great atmosphere. Fun bartender! I had a wonderful Catfish sandwich and clam chowder! For a snack in the afternoon I went to Piroshky-Piroshky....very tasty and a line out the door!!! For dinner I went to Wild Ginger. This was by far my favorite spot on this trip. I was so surprised how comfortable I felt as a solo diner in Seattle. I sat at the back counter/bar. It was a beautiful dinning room. I had the fragrant duck. AMAZING!!! This is definitely a place to take a group of people since they serve everything family style. The servers were amazing and both on-duty managers came up to greet me. Nancy (manager, I think) even helped me with future dining ideas in the city!!

          Day 5 Started my day at Top Pot donuts!! Very yummy....and very popular! I had a Bavarian cream filled and a cake donut. I will go there again!! Then I did a Coffee Crawl tour. Very fun and informative. A two-hour walking tour of Seattle. After the tour I wanted sushi for lunch so I walked to Hotel Max and went to Red Fin. They have an amazing lunch menu. For $15 I got 3 FULL sushi rolls...the california, spicy tuna and the Las Vegas roll. I thought that I would get 2 or 3 pieces of each, but I got 6 of each 18 pieces total!!! Then for dinner I went to Elliott's at the harbor for oysters. The oysters were amazing! so fresh and so sweet. I just sat down and told the oyster bar guy what I like and it fixed up a dozen for me. I also had the King Ivory Salmon, it is white-fleshed salmon....FANTASTIC!!
          Sadly that was the end of my trip, but I think I got a great taste for Seattle and I will be back!!!
          Thank you all again for your hints and tips and all of the other posts that helped me so much! You are the best Seattle!!!

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            Glad to see your homework paid-off so well - that is an excellent Seattle itinerary you put together. Thank you for the great report.

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              Glad you got to try wild ivory king salmon, bgirl. It's really high in Omega 3's and is a little milder tasting than its red fleshed cousin. I think you got a pretty good representation of Seattle - Steelhead, Poppy, Wild Ginger, Matt's ... great choices!

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                Your trip sounds lovely! FYI for next time - Olympus spa has a little restaurant and serves some decent Korean food. I had Bibimbop last time I was there and it was nice. Plus, you get to eat in your robe...bonus!

              2. Hey Babygirl1007 -
                Your post is the exact copy of what I wanted to write for this coming weekend! I am flying to Seattle from Boston alone for the first time. Was there other things that you wanted to try because you didn't have time? Steelhead and Elliot's sounds good. I am staying in Downtown Seattle. Just looking for a fabulous place for this Mary Tyler Moore girl to toss her hat off into the air and enjoy what Seattle has to offer!

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                  -The bar- for eating- at Palace Kitchen (downtown/belltown) and happy hour solo (food and drinks) at Barolo (downtown), Elliot's, Poppy (Capitol Hill), and The List (downtown/belltown)
                  -Lunch solo at Matt's in the Market (pike place market- sit in the section that is the bar- it is the most fun) and The Market Grill (in pike place market)
                  - Visit Top Pot Donut (downtown/belltown) and/or Yellow Leaf Cupcake (downtown/belltown)
                  - Sushi at Umi (downtown/belltown- great happy hour + seat for solo person and the suchi bar)
                  -Eat your way through the Pike Place Market at lunch and late afternoon
                  -Eat your way up Pike between Broadway and Madison (veering off a little bit) in Capitol Hill (Pike Street Fish Fry- opens by 2 pm, Quinn's Gastropub, Po Boy Dogs, Cupcake Royale, Old School Custard, Molly Moon's Ice Cream, Cafe Vita- coffee, etc.)

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                    Thanks Natalie.Warner! And sorry, I didn't mean to hijack your threadBabygirl1007... With all this eating between Portland and Seattle, the airlines may have to charge me for all the extra weight! I will report back next week.