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Sep 16, 2009 10:42 AM

Recs for right near Charles St T station

We have recs for dining all over Boston but very few right near where we are staying, which is right near the Charles St T stop. We're looking for less expensive, ethnic great (love Latin/Mexican, Far Eastern--except not sushi, Indian/Central Asian, Mideastern, Greek, E European, Spanish, Caribbean), also love BBQ, lobster roll--really, except for sushi, we love everything. But so far the only places I have listed that seem close to where we are staying are those below. So thanks for your help in suggesting a few more, especially open at dinnertime (we often eat a liter ethnic dinner at nite)--and please include address & phone if you have it. Thanks again.

Annas Taqueria, 242 Cambrdge, 617-227-8822
Artu, 89 Charles btw Mt Vernon & Pinckney, 617-227-9023. Country Italian. Not sure what prices here are like.
Paramount, 44 Charles nr 711 store, but this is mainly a breakfast place.
Villa Mexico, 296 Cambridge btw Grove & Anderson, part of Grampys Gas Sta, 617-227-2919.

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  1. Phoenicia, 240 Charles St, fits your "inexpensive ethnic" category perfectly. Not much ambience but good Middle Eastern food.

    1. I really like Figs' pizza, especially the fig and proscuitto one:

      Figs, 42 Charles Street, Beacon Hill 742-3347

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        Figs was going to be my rec. I'm no Todd English fan, but their pizza is quite good, especially the fig and prosciutto as noted.

        I also like Upper Crust--although they can be inconsistent--and their original location is on 20 Charles St. 617-723-9600. Any pie, one or two toppings, "well done" is my rec.

      2. Antonio's on Cambridge Street is very good red sauce Italian

        1. Pierrot Bistro on Cambridge Street is close to T Station- good French food, reasonable (but not cheap) prices.

          1. Lala Rokh, on Mt Vernon street (heading uphill off Charles St.) Persian food. I esp love the spinach with yogurt & walnuts, and green beans with jalapeno cubes in dill cream sauce. Also the meat stuffed eggplant.