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Sep 16, 2009 10:40 AM

kitchen supply stores?[San Diego]

Hi, I need to know where the best kitchen supply stores are? I'm interested in both boutique and restaurant supply stores in and around the san diego area. Also if one happens to be good to find chef knifes and sharpening stones



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  1. San Diego Restaurant Supply...619.239.8107...without a doubt the best of the bunch for service, cleanliness and variety.

    1. San Diego Restaurant Supply downtown by Petco Park has a good selection of everything. Most prices are fair, especially for high volume smallwares and cookware. No frills, most of their stuff is directed towards the trade and not the home cook, so it isn't fancy and it isn't "pretty". It is reliable and durable and they carry an extensive selection of different sizes for most items. There is another restaurant supply store on the next corner up from SDRS but the name escapes me at the moment.

      Great News! in Pacific Beach caters mostly to the home cook. All the well known brands. Prices are decent but sill on the higher side. Definitely less than Sur Le Table and William-Sonoma, but not much. SLT and WS are represented in town. SLT is in Carlsbad and WS is in Fashion Valley

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        There's also Chef City in Kearny Mesa. Pretty good selection of stuff although the prices seem to be a little high.

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          There's also a Williams-Sonoma in the UTC mall.

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            This obviously doesn't help for a lot of stuff, but there's a Le Creuset outlet up in the Carlsbad Outlet Mall.

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              I also like the other kitchen tat shops in the carlsbad outlet mall. They arent great quality, but they have a lot of super cheap stuff in there, which is even cheaper when you get the coupon booklet if you have the AAA.

              I've bought a lot of knives and stuff from the knife merchant, but they are mostly online, so it probably doesnt help too much. located off miramar rd.

          2. The Smart and Final chain has a decent selection of restaurant supplies. Haven't bought a chefs knife from them though.

            1. Thanks for all the help! Turns out SD Restaurant Supply is great for true restaurant quality kitchen supply although their supply is exactly what a cook would want in a home kitchen too. Downside, they don't carry much for good knives or sharpening stones....but you could get a $1000 blender. maragritas anyone?

              Great New! was my next stop and they have German and Japanese knives and a couple stones 1000/3000 and 5000 grit. This place is also a cooks paradise; although a bit more expensive, your kitchen supplies are not only functional, but can be put on display in your kitchen. One of the most complete kitchen boutiques I've been to.

              Thanks all.

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                Great News does carry a lot of good stuff but as you said the prices are high. These days I pretty much buy everything for my kitchen at Bed Bath and Beyond. They carry a lot of the name brand products that you can find elsewhere and with a 20% off coupon the price can't be beat.