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Sep 16, 2009 10:40 AM

Seeking Phoenix resturant in house (maybe?)...

So. Cal. transplant-newbie here in AZ, lived & worked in Scottsdale for past 2 yrs. Read a news review maybe a yr. ago featuring a cool new, upscale neighborhood resturant somewhere in PHX - opened in a re-vitalized part of hood. I THINK it was opened in an old house (or other bldg?) but not sure... Remember article talking 'bout homey food - menu w/ eclectic twist & story of the rest. owners supporting revitalization. Anyone know who / where this is?

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      That looks really cute. Had completely slipped under my radar! Is it good?

      1. re: emmaAmethyst

        It's a bit uneven. The apps (or smaller plates) are generally better than the entrees. The sausage stuffed dates are quite good.

      2. re: ipsedixit

        I don't know. Don't really think of that neighborhood as revitalized although I know it's trying. On the other hand I am drawing a complete blank as to an upscale restaurant in the past year.

      3. This description could probably apply to a dozen or so restaurants in or near Downtown.

        The Tuck Shop, located in the Coronado Historic District, is certainly a strong candidate.

        Another strong possibility is Palatte, which existed for about two years on the edge of Downtown. That restaurant recently closed and its site is now home to Local Breeze.

        The Roosevelt is more pub than upscale restaurant, but it has good food and meets your other criteria. It could be what you're thinking of.

        I can think of some others, but they've been around more than two years.

        1. Thanks! You're right - it was Tucks!! Checked out their website that you included & found the article I'd seen (PHX New Times) so I'll check it out this weekend & report back...