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Sep 16, 2009 10:39 AM

Specialty shops in Quincy?

I'm looking for specifically three things. A butcher, fish monger, and then any place that will sell me some dried food grade lavender to use in cooking. The first two I'd like to be around the Quincy area and the last I will travel to wherever. Anybody help me out?

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  1. Can't help with a butcher, but I buy all my fish at Burkes on Billings Rd in the Norfolk Downs section of Quincy. Some may say that Burkes is too expensive, but I am always happy with my purchases and don't find the prices to be too high.

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      We tried to get some littlenecks this weekend last minute at Burke's. They wanted $7.99 lb Littlenecks wholesale are $.30 a piece tops. I almost choked on the phone. Their fish and chips are fantastic though.

      For wine, John at Wollaston Wine is great , although a little pricey as well. I pay extra because he's great at picking wines.

      My wife and I are a huge fan of Gypsy Kitchen.

      The meat at the fruit center (Kinneally's) is good as well but astronomical, like Allen Brother's catalog meat astronomical. Whole foods has dry aged for $21 ish a lb, the fruit center is $29+ a lb for dry aged.

    2. I'd call Christina's in cambridge about the lavender

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        Is Christina's an herb shop or something?

      2. The butcher shop at the Fruit Center Marketplace in East Milton is pretty good.

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          Good to know. I pass by there all the time but I just moved to Quincy like a month ago and haven't actually been in the market yet.

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            Yep, 2nd them, and their market as a general stop for some specialty items. Maybe not a super high end, but the new Vietnamese/Asian market off Hancock (where Super 88 used to be) is a good place to run to for Asian items. They have a fish and meat there as well.

          2. I know you didn't ask about a cheese shop, but Gypsy Kitchen in Quincy Center is quite good. The owner is knowledgable about cheese and they have tastings. It's also a good source for wine and hot sauces.

            1. Like Peg, I highly recommend Burkes for seafood. Always top quality. You can order ahead and he'll have what you want if he doesn't have it.

              For a butcher, it's worth the 15 minute ride south on 53 to Previte's. They are the best. Get a sub while you're there. The absolute best on the South Shore, maybe eastern MA.