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Sep 16, 2009 09:29 AM

Is Graziella any good?

Planning a little trip to Mtl this weekend and looking for some awesome food, price is not a big issue. Any other suggestion?? Just 2 people looking forward to a great night

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  1. I was there once and really loved the food, Graziella is the owner/cook, it's excellent food with simplicity and freshness in mind. La Montée is more spectacular, as in presentation and mix of flavors and textures. You can't go wrong with those 2.

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      I agree with superbossmom, you can't go wrong with these two. I've been there twice to each and had a wonderful time. Service, food and wine are very good.

      If I had to choose between La Montée and Graziella, I would go to La Montée.

      1. re: Foie Gras Lover

        Thank you, I checked out La Montee's website and it looks very interesting. Any recommendation on what to eat there? Everything sound good. Is is a better option to go with wine paring?

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          Sorry, just found another thread on the board. Looking forward to a great meal in my favorite city!

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            Hope you have some great meals while in the city, maybe bring home some cheese. fois gras etc.

    2. If you do go to Graziella, try their handmade gnocchi. They make them with ricotta instead of potatoes, a traditional Emilia-Romagna way of doing it. Chef Graziella also makes amazing desserts. The semi-freddo is to die for!

      1. I went to Graziella for lunch a few days ago, and although it did not wow me, I found the food very good. It is definetely very close to home-cooking and I found that refreshing and interesting. The stuffed grilled calamari entree was great (very homey) and my main course was a plate of ravioli (stuffed with aragula and some cheese - I don't remember which type, but it was very good) in tomato sauce, very well balanced and tasty.
        For dessert, I had the lemon-pie (home-made) and definetely liked it. It was however not unanimous at my table as another person found it too eggy...
        For the price, lunch at $25 pp for entree and main course, I will go back.