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Sep 16, 2009 09:09 AM

Best pub in the Yonge/Eglinton area

Looking for a good place to meet up with friends in the Y/E area. Top priority is a great selection of beers, good food and snacks are secondary. I've tentatively chosen the Bow and Arrow near Davisville but I'd appreciate some alterate suggestions or opinions.

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  1. The pub "Duke of Kent" is pretty good... newly renovated patio is small but lively most temperate evenings/ happy-hours. Food is token pub-fare and it's decent the two times I've had it. Hot and crispy chicken fingers and fries went nicely with the frosty pint. They claim to only use fresh never frozen foods, which is great if it's true. Most nights feature a dinner 'special' of sorts.
    Crowd is typically 25-50ish. Inside is cozy, and the bar is usually dotted with crimson-faced regulars. The decor is nod to the true Brit-style pubs, but Duke does it well. Great if you're looking for a cozy place to have a pint.

    The Rose and Crown is usually busier (few steps north of Duke), with a usually slightly younger more vibrant crowd. Have not tried their food but I hear they make a mean deep-fried mars bar that I'm curious to try!! anyone given that a go?

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      Duke of Kent : don't go there for Cabbage and corned beef, mostly on St. Patrick's day. Horrendous. Wrong spot for this.

      Duke of Kent
      2315 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4P 2C6, CA

    2. Take a look at the Longest Yard on Mt Pleasant and Soudan (I think). It's a more modern space, and should fit what you're looking for.

      1. i lived up there for 3 years. good pub? nothing within an immediate walk. i think that the Firkin, which is not a good looking pub whatsoever but has an ok patio, serves Hoegaarden.

        otherwise, there really is nowhere that has great beer. i personally never liked the Granite's beer (tasted like stuff you made via kits at your own home).

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          I disagree ... I think the Granite has some of the best beer in Toronto. Their cask beers are terrific.

          Note: The Bow and Arrow has closed and is being replaced ... I don't know if the replacement is open yet.

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            I have to agree with MattB on this one. If only kit beers tasted this good! I'm not fond of the food at the Granite, but the beer is outstanding. Plus, they have a great patio out back in a garden like setting.

            Of course, nobody can tell you what kind of beer you like, but you might consider giving the Granite a another try.

            To the OP, the Granite has a great selection of English style ales, as fresh as you could hope for. It's not a great choice if you are looking for a specific brand or a beer that falls outside of the English style.

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              I completely disagree on Granite's beer. My 2 favourites are Keefe's Irish Stout (one of the best stouts in the province) and Hopping Mad (a nice IPA in about the mid range of bitterness for the style). They always have a couple beers on cask, so make sure to go for those if you haven't had cask beer before.

              The food at Granite isn't anything special, but it isn't any worse than the rest of the pubs in the area.

              1. re: kwjd

                my husband loves the beer at granite - well some of them. i love the cajun salmon salad - best grilled salmon dish i've had in the city. and i stand by that. but the service REALLY leaves a lot to be desired.

            2. I lived in the area for ten years. The Bow & Arrow went down hill until it closed. The Blue Meanie was good while it existed. The only two good pubs still existing are Granite and The Longest Yard. Everything else has The Usual Suspects on tap. Meh.

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                AGREE w. MattB Granite Brewery ROCKS! They brew on-site about a dozen different kinds of beers, all available in what I call their "moonshine" jugs (1.5 liters or so). Runs about $12 for your first jug, and then if you bring it back the empty it's about $8 to refill ! Very affordable and very tasty beer. The "Ringberry" is my favorite!!!!! Tons of variety for the picky palette, and a knowledgeable staff.
                I have heard terrible reviews of their food, but I've always just stuck with the beer and it has never disappointed ;)

                1. re: amycakes22

                  the food is indeed quite awful.
                  swore it off a few years ago.
                  as far as beer selection, i remember only liking one, maybe 2. and i'm very into beer. but to each his own.

              2. Cam's Place has a good selection of beers, and decent freshly made foods.

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                  we've made Cam's our new local. yummy sweet potato fries and a wide variety of beer/wines